Jamaica wins crime stop award

crimestop2.pngThis morning I was browsing the local news and came across this story on the Jamaica observer website where Jamaica won an award for best crime stop commercial for which delegates from over 60 countries voted.

This is good news of course its planted at the bottom of the website and I bet if I went downtown and pick up the paper it would be planted in some back corner to probably just fill in space on a page. There is no mention of this in most other media outlets here .

Any way my point is we ignore positive news about crime and glorify the daily slaughter across the country.

I am rambling and getting off topic because the main idea for this post is to talk about our culture of not talking to the police for a number of reasons, yet we always here crime stop and Kingfish talk about the wonderful tips they get from the public and how much millions they payout citizens each year and guns recovered.

Does this mean the culture of not talking is slowly dying. After all people are fed up with all the bullish thats going on. We know the labels given to people who give information to the police, they are called “informers”,or in America they call them “snitches” in the dancehall DJs often call for their demise.

“informa fi dead”

Or in the movies, in Dancehall Queen (1997) the one of the more famous quote is from actor Paul Campbell who plays Priest, after fatally knifing a vendor is states
“Walk and live, talk and bomb*#$%t dead.”

In some communities in Jamaica if you are even suspected to have given information to the police you will be treated like lepord dog and may even have to have to move out.

While I was reading this story and the writer describe the commercial.

The commercial tells the story of the hidden eyes of citizens in communities around Jamaica watching crimes being committed, and calling Crime Stop in the anonymity and security of their own homes, away from prying eyes and ears.”

I immediately recall seeing the commercial on TV.From what I remember the setting is dark and various crimes are being committed. While these crimes are being committed a person from across the street or in their home witnesses the crime looks on and a bright red ray beams through the dark to symbolize the witnessing of the crime.

Its funny because I have heard people in my own family close their windows after certain hours at night because they don’t want “dem to think that they saw anything”. “dem” being the gunmen.


Plus there is the ever lingering cloud of corruption and lack of trust for the police. It’s sad when you hear about people who gave information to the police and the same police tells the bad guys that you where the “informa”.

Look at that policeman they arrested with a group of men with four illegal guns in the info mus tinted white carrola” recently. The message to the viewing public is to not trust the police and you can’t blame them.

And you don’t even have you talk about the traffic police. There is a simple joke I heard on the radio. I am going to try and tell it, although I can’t tell jokes and often spoil a slam dunk easy to tell joke.

A police man stops a motorists and for speeding and gives the driver two options. Left or right.

“Lef a ting” or write (right) a ticket. 🙂

Yeah I know, its not a laugh out loud joke but you get the message.

anyway ……..the truth is when trouble comes knocking at your door, who you gonna call?.

Certainly not The Ghostbusters.

Personally the commercial have never really stood out in my head, but if 60 international judge, delegates whatever thinks it’s a effective commercial then great.

This story reminds me of an episode of the Boondocks.

There is one episode where there are a number of burglaries taking place in this middle class neighborhood. There is a mixture of blacks and white. The white folks openly talk to the police and give them information, but when they approach Mr. Freeman an African American who is the grandpa raising two pre- adolescents Huey 10, the rational reflective grandson in contrast to Reilly 8, the rebellious , anti establishment wanksta. They refuse to give any information to the “poolice” even with valuable information that could stem the burglaries.

Of course this angered the white folks who convene a community meeting to put a lid on the burglaries and pressure the Freemans into cooperating with the police, but the old man was steadfast in his ways and there is no changing course ,until

He becomes a victim of crime. The burglars stole sweet old Betty from the Freemans carport (betty is a vintage car that was pimped by Exhibit in an earlier episode) and Riley witnessed the crime. Now Grandpa, Robert Freeman wants Riley to “snitch” about what he saw.

It even went further because in the end Rileys bicycle got stolen by the same thugs. Riley knew who took is it but refused to talk.

I don’t do any justice telling this story really, but it’s an interesting episode, the social commentary with the jokes speaks volumes of the culture of not talking to the police even in our own interest.


~ by RB on December 22, 2007.

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