Crucify Me

Blessed Christ


This is the picture of Valerie-Begue who won the Miss France title a couple weeks ago. Now they want to take away her title because of this picture taken 3 years ago.

Look at the piece of the cross right above her head, the shade in the water is missing, either it’s a sign from god himself or someone was not paying closer attention to detail with their photoshop.

didn’t Madonna already done this?

also on closer inspection to her tummy I can see the the face of virgin Mary mother of Jesus Christ

Did you see it?

I wonder if god has a sense of humor

Real, fake does it even matter?

People are so sensitive. first you have Muslims going crazy because of a cartoon depicting their beloved Muhammed.

Remember just this past November in Sudan a mob wanted to lynch a British teacher for naming a teddy bear Muhammed. All this shit is ridiculous.

I am going to feed my pet pig Muhammed but first I am going to fix this new collar around his neck of the crucifix right after I finish this post. I know he will appreciate it .

Before I go take a look st this other picture of Santa Claus on a cross. crucified_santa.jpg

Apparently a guy in Washington state put this up in his neighborhood and took pictures of it and send it as a post card to family and friends titled “Santa Died for your Mastercard”

The point?

You can figure it out.


~ by RB on December 23, 2007.

One Response to “Crucify Me”

  1. This of course is beyond strange.

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