Christmas eve

It’s Christmas eve, It’s interesting times in Jamaica indeed. Street sides littered with vendors selling anything you fancy, Never mind that there is no longer a side walk, just walk on the street.

Supermarkets laden with food items that seem alien just a couple weeks ago. Bumper to bumper trollies inside,bumper to bumper cars outside.

Good luck finding space to park my friend. Those cash register must be tired, yet people complain everyday how they have no money. I love the eye candies though, the lights,the ornaments beautiful.Some folks has gone all out with the decorations on their homes….eh dem a go get some rattid light bill from JPS come January.

Everyone brush up their yards with either a machete or weed whacker. The green grassy smell is distinctive this time of year and don’t forget the smell of fresh paint. Who was naughty is now nice and who haven’t seen church for the whole year will be scrambling for a space on the long wooden bench fanning away the heat in their Sunday best while taking in the blessings of the almighty.


This is the naughty or nice indicator for Jamaica. 🙂 , I couldn’t help my self. I just had to have some fun with this. As you can see we were nice atleast 5 months out of the year. I know we could have done better if it wasn’t for the few who continue to terrorize our beautiful country. Transparency international still rate us low on the corruption scale or whatever. So politicians lie and steal, thugs kill and extort.

So where does Santa come into all of this ? Well according to Norad Santa Tracker
he visited Spanish Town, Jamaica at precisely 9:52 pm. See the screen shot below. Spanish Town is one of our more crime ridden towns, well it cool down recently but I would still advice Santa to wear a bullet proof vest. Also we don’t have chimneys in Jamaica and most homes are heavily grilled fortress from the mindless idiots that live here.

You know Carlene Davis has a song titled “Santa Claus don’t come to the ghetto”. Well Spanish town has some Ghettos so I don’t know if he went to the so called “depressed areas”. But even if you didn’t go to the ghetto Santa many people here have “people a foreign”. You should see the ports and the amount of barrel stocked with all the goodies from north America, food, toys,guns,toiletries . Not to mention Western Union pack .


By the way Santa in Jamaica we don’t leave milk and cookies. Instead look for fruit cake and Sorrel with ginger and a little red label wine, just a little wine because we don’t want you to crash your slay and injure Rudolph and the other rain dears.


~ by RB on December 25, 2007.

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