10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008

Jamaica in 2008You can not get a more accurate precise list of prediction for the future of Jamaica in 2008 anywhere else.

Why is that?

Well I consulted with many reliable sources before compiling this list. As I countdown the predictions I will mention the names of all the credible sources who contributed to the list. Just to let you know some predictions where omitted for reasons I can not say at the moment. And so with much less further ado Kingston State of Mind blog now presents the 10 prediction for Jamaica in 2008.

  1. The reggae boyz will move up significantly in the FIFA rankings thanks to the return of Rene Simoes. This will see Jamaica performing much better against other teams in the region.
  2. The return of the popular raising star will see Jamaicans texting in droves for the shows first female winner.The show in 2008 however will once again be marred with controversy involving contestants,host and or judges.
  3. The Bruce Golding lead administration will for the first enact legislation that will have significants impact on Jamaicans,however most of their hard work will be overshadow by their own scandals and the party’s characteristic “foot and mouth disease”.
  4. A third consecutive year of a major hurricane threat that will significantly affect Jamaica.
  5. “Lego di tape” The tales of the tapes will continue in 2008 with more sex takes of famous faces doing the dirty in famous places. Of course you can look to the internet where most of these so called “bluetooth express”, UWI girls gone wild” and the much talked about ambassador tapes will emerge with new twists and turns.
  6. The warring faction of dancehall will live what they preach with a well known DJ becoming seriously hurt or dead due to artists rivalry.
  7. Beijing 2008 will see Jamaica netting more gold and silver medals than ever before.
  8. The cash plus and olints of the world will eventually die, however Forex trading by ordinary Jamaicans will become even more popular with seminars,books the whole years will spawn a new phenomenon investments.
  9. Another year of record arrivals of tourists to Jamaica.
  10. And finally I will win the biggest lotto Jackpot in Jamaica’s history:)

Now the sources who help me compile this list included Ms. Cleo who with her crystal ball and tarot cards was able to be very precise with her predictions. Dr. Phinn, who can forget the famous Dr Phin who predicted a PNP victory at the polls last year based on the number seven. Well the good doc is not phased by the ridicule of his past predictions. Thanks again doc for your contribution and last but not least Mada woman, or what most Jamaicans call obeah woman. The loud drums with all the dancing and smoke with the rub up oil was definately worth it. In the end I have ten solid predictions, thanks again.

Happy 2008!!!!!


~ by RB on December 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008”

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  2. […] 10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008 source […]

  3. […] 10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008 source […]

  4. i believe jamaica will reap the fruit of its ill gotten ways . and the politicians should stop get so much money while children a wash car glass fi eat a food

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