I am legend, I am disappointed

I saw the trailer for I am legend staring Will Smith on television and figured it looked like something I would want to see. After watching the first 20 minutes or so of I am legend, I was disappointed.

I still can’t believe this movie had the biggest opening ever in December in the US. Well maybe I should believe, they got me to see it. I wish I could ask for a refund. I am just going to state the five things I did not like about it.

5 Things I didn’t like about I am Legend

  • The story starts after the world population already is wiped out by a disease that has mutated, therefore much of the story is told through flashbacks, I don’t fancy movies with flashbacks and this had many. What I didn’t like most about these flash backs is that it’s sad because it mostly shows Robert Neville separating from his family in the height of the disastrous event for the last time. I think the director was trying to re-create the scene from Independence Day when the character played by Will Smith goes to get his family because the world is coming to an end AGAIN.
  • I am tired of seeing movies with zombie-vampire strange looking creatures same old same old. I think the mutant victims of the plague aka “dark seekers “could have looked a little more original. Better yet exclude them entirely. My disappointment in the movie reached an all time low when I realized I was watching a zombie rabies infected kind of story.
  • The movie does not have much of a story after all and the little story it has, have been told a million times over. Robert Neville seem to roam the deserted streets of New York daily sending out radio signals to other prospective survivors, talking to manikins, chasing deers and working on a cure for the disease. Before this movie started I often wonder what kind of dialogue you can have in a movie with just one character. Apparently the co stars where the manikins and Sam his dog. That is of course before Anna came into the picture. I actually disliked the character Robert Neville because it was his shenanigans of playing with silly manikins that contributed to Sam the dog getting bitten and infected by the “dark seekers”. Also I find it crazy that pro-creating was not a front and center issue when Robert Neville met Anna who rescued him after he tried to kill himself. I don’t remember her telling him she wouldn’t sleep with him if he was the last man on earth. In fact he very much might have been. Instead he screams at her and act stubborn even after she welcome him to join her to a colony of survivors in Vermont.
  • The movie ends with Anna driving into a secure compound, narrating the good work of Dr. Robert Neville and hope for mankind thanks to the cure he was able discover before he blew himself up. That part in the movie where he blew himself really was not necessary. I guess this was to have him being some kind of martyr to the world. The ending was “dry” and sudden but I was happy it finally finished.
  • I find it very difficult to accept Will Smith playing dramatic roles. It just seem fake to the point where I want to look away. Maybe his character on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is too entrenched in how I see him as an actor. I like a movie better when Smith is somewhat humorous. “I am Legend” reminds me of “I robot” and “Enemy of the State” two other flicks that I never liked , although those futuristic car chase special effects in “I robot” were really good, too serious and emotional just does not work out. The Pursuit of Happiness is one exception to this however. For that role he deserves an Oscar.

    I understand that this movie was a book. I think it should have remained a book. Being a Jamaican myself I was very proud to hear the songs of Bob Marley featured prominently in the movie. His music was not just featured but it was apart of the story.


    ~ by RB on January 2, 2008.

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