Westmoreland justice

Criminals beware! Westmoreland is not a place for the crooks that get caught red handed. The residents of Westmoreland are angry and miserable and they are not taking it anymore. It’s really interesting what’s happening down there. News stories on television and print is following an,…let me say an “interesting” trend in that parish where residents take on criminals of the day and give them a good mob lynching.

Now I know my tone sound like I am in support of this type of behavior. In all civilized societies all individual should be given due process. After all not all that is said to be guilty is guilty. At the same time there is not one drip of sympathy for these criminals who get what they truly deserve.

So what’s happening in Westmoreland, well once the criminals are caught in either a robbery even with guns, whether they are holding up a mini mart or ripping off a poor farmer in the dead of night. An alarm is raised.(bear in mind there is no sophisticated neighborhood watch in these little rural districts). Once the alarm is raised man, woman, dog and Pinckney arm them selves with everything from machetes, logwood, stones, just about anything they can find and administer a swift and unforgiving beating on the perpetrators.

The people of Hartford, Westmoreland ended 2007 with the massacre of three allegedly goat thieves who attempted to rob a small farmer of a fine ram goat. According to reports in the media this was one of several attempts by these crooks to take what was not theirs. The community “set up” on the would be robbers and when the robbery was in progress raised an alarm which the district responded to. Bear in mind this is in the dead of night and yet a sizable mob rose to the occasion. One of the robbers who tried to escape was chased, cornered and given a good thrashing.

All three were killed by the mob, all young, healthy men mostly in their twenties. The youngest being just 19 years old. It’s really a damn shame isn’t it?.

Surely praedial larceny does not warrant such drastic measures, but still no sympathies here. “Mek yu bed, now yu afi lie ina it”.

Just a few weeks earlier one of two men who held up a mini-mart in Kingswood, Westmoreland was also beaten to death by angry residents in that community. Now for most people hearing gun shots we would run and hide. Instead of running and hiding residents of Kingswood went to “investigate” Apparently there was a struggle between the business operator and the would be robbers and shots rang out. One of the robbers escaped while the second one was beaten to death by an angry mob. Read more here.

The mobbing has to stop because it is uncivilized. Soon some people will cry wolf when there is no wolf. In this case the wrong person might get killed by a mob through mistaken identity or whatever.

A friend of mine from the parish once told me that I was driving in some parts of Westmoreland “carelessly” and hit someone. I should not stop, instead drive straight to the nearest police station. Why you may ask?, Well the people are known to quickly form a jury, deliberate reach a verdict, past judgement and “dwag nyam yu suppa”.

This is not to assume that all “Westmorelites” are savages, in fact far from it. They are just as eager to help if you were in trouble or just truly needed help.

I think mob killings are cry for justice. If people honestly believe they can get justice then they would not feel the urge to take matters into their own hands. There will always be a lack of emotional intelligence and discipline amid the mobs. Justice has failed us. The new national security minister Derrick Smith was on television the other day while speaking at a policeman’s funeral said that one of the first things he did when he took office was to check if the gallows in Spanish Town was functional. Look at this Clovis cartoon illustration. If you take away the political aspect of this comic that is obviously making fun of the opposition, then you can apply it to the current debate and delays of capital punishment.

Jamaicans cry everyday that they want justice and capital punishment is apart of that justice. If only our political leader had the will and the urgency to resume hanging. Instead we debate the issue with talk show hosts, human rights obstructionists and all sorts of international courts and agencies. Jamaica ended 2007 with yet another record over 1500 people murdered. Victims included 9 months old babies, 3 years olds. Some of the most productive among us in business, territory institutions you name it.



~ by RB on January 3, 2008.

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