Higgins Warner padlock doors, runs away

jmd.jpgThe pressure from the FSC and the banks has forced investment club Higgins Warner to pack up and run away, all the way to Argentina. “If yu cya tek di heat, come out a de kitchen”.

Excerpts of the hand written notices on the doors of Higgins Warner offices at Bay West, Montego Bay

‘Higgins Warner no longer has an office in Jamaica. Persons wanting to do business must visit http://www.higginswarner.com and send an email to agent@higginswarner.com

‘Everything will be processed via the Internet from Argentina’.

I can’t even fathom the surprise investors must have felt when they saw this as they turn up to do business. All their worst fears were realized I bet. This is the classic nightmare scenario coming to life for any investor with this pattie shop, sorry I mean “investment club”.

I mean why they couldn’t have dealt with this in a more professional way.

Hand written sign?

“Mi gwan, check mi pon di intanet”

I am going to add this post to the Phuckery category of my blog although the topic is about investments.

Remember some people have their entire lives in these things (stupid yes). This just confirms what the FSC and the banks have been saying for a long time, that these investment clubs are all just one big “scheme” even if it is not true.

Cash plus was in the news again today, the gleaner headline read

Cash Plus could be cashless – FSC

Apparently Deputy Director George Roper was quoted as saying that cash plus audited accounts that were recently published indicate that loans by cash plus clients were stated as preference shares. This stood at $16 billion. The big question mark is whether this should really be stated as liabilities. If this is correct then they owe more than they own.

The director went on to say that based on the entities existing model it will have to generate good income to pay off these liabilities and pay the large interest to clients. Cash plus chairman’s felonious pass and bad books will be a setback in getting a license to trade securities.


~ by RB on January 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Higgins Warner padlock doors, runs away”

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  2. Check the Argentina’s media, Higgins warner is not register or operating there. This is a pyramid scheme, people who have invested their money can kiss it goodbye

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