Confessions of a news junkie

news22.jpg I was quite please to hear that Portia and Bruce finally iron out their differences and will be going to Vale Royal to talk. I saw a picture in the Jamaica observer with the two holding hands in prayer, I was trying to find it again but I couldn’t. The Jamaica Gleaner has an old but nice picture of the two with this news story.

Besides, the petty bickering is foolish about “termites” and the PCS are not warranted. If you ask most ordinary Jamaicans what the acronym PSC stands for and what they do most people couldn’t tell you. They sure can choose some lousy battles to fight.

What concerns most Jamaicans is the national water commission wanting a 40% rate increase (see story here). I really had to laugh when I saw this story in papers because “dem chest high”. The Office of Utility Regulation (OUR) is inviting the public to contact them and express any problems or concern they have with this application for rate increase by the NWC.

I have heard some horror stories about NWC but personally I don’t have a problem with them. Not only that but I think they should get that 40% increase.

Over 4 years course.
Let me do the math, that’s 40 divided by 4, equals 10 % per year.

No emotions here people, just reality. I know most Jamaicans would disagree with me on this but hey. They are one of the least respected utility companies in Jamaica. Some folks will pay their cable, light, phone you name it, and then pay NWC last. All those other utility companies have increased their rate too by the way. The price of oil have flirted with and finally passed the $100 a barrel mark. We all know that most utilities including NWC need oil to do their business, pump water to our pipes. If all the other modern amenities disappear from the face of the earth, we would be greatly inconvenienced, but if there was no water we would all die.

Now let me switch gear again. I have been watching the elections in Kenya and boy am I sadden with the way things are turning out. First it was good to hear about people who sleep over night near polling stations, then join lines in the blazing sun as far as the eyes can see, just to cast their ballots. It made me think about my own country where so many people are proud have never voted.

“mi no ina politics”

Well the elections results in Kenya were very close. The incumbent has hastily sworn himself and declare himself the winner under shady circumstances. Most observers concluded the elections were flawed. Apparently over 360 people have died in the meltdown following the elections. Buildings torched, murder mayhem you name it. A lot of things have been said about Jamaican politics but thank god we have always had a smooth change of power regardless of how closely fought our elections are. Kenya has had a decent record recently until this mess. Police Commissioner Major-General Ali Mohamed Hussein said that most of the violence is motivated by crime instead of politics. Sound familiar to our situation here in Jamaica where gangs settle feuds at the height of elections and hurricanes. Criminals of different nationalities think alike. In the case in Kenya its tribes settling scores, hacking people with machetes, torching churches with people inside. When I see the images on television I am very hurt, especially since Kenya was doing well in terms of an expanding economy and a history of relative peace. Maybe this terrible chapter in their history will make them better. I hope.

I saw a BBC report before the elections that Kenya is held up as what other African nations should emulate. The term used for Kenya was “safe zone” and “stable”. In any case they seemed to be on the right footing. Now it seems all of this has gone up in flames literally. I just hope they sort themselves out quickly.

I like that fact that the international community is getting involved very quickly trying to mediate and get the parties in conflict together,maybe the world is changing after all. I don’t know much about international relations all that other mumbo jumbo, but as a small nation of African descendants we here in Jamaica can have an impact, even a comment from the Prime Minister would be good.

Barack Obama whose father is incidentally from Kenya, won the Iowa caucus beating front runner Hillary Clinton Thursday in the run up to the US presidential elections. I mention the name Barack Obama to few of my friends and none of them seem to know who he is. (sigh and ponders-am I really such a news junkie). Obama is a US senator from the state of Illinois who is seeking the nomination to run for president (read more his bio here) and (his Iowa win here) Iowa this fridged state where 96 % of the caucus goers are white supported the first black guy in my judgment that really has a chance to become president of the United States. He won in all cohorts of voters, except one, from class, age and even gender. Hillary Clinton couldn’t even get her “sisters” to support her. She has played the female card knowing that the world is fascinated about having female leaders.

I would really like to see Obama become president and that’s not just because he is a black man. His platform is a message of hope and “change”. Sound familiar?.

I don’t think they have any “naw change no course” video in this campaign, sorry

Anyway his win has given him more momentum going into the New Hampshire. I believe that the last Tuesday in January there will be a big showdown with several states nominating a candidate, its dubbed “Super Tuesday”. I know most people don’t follow this part of the political news until there are at least two clear candidates from the democrats and the republicans. I am a news junkie, yes.

As I said before Obama message is “change”. Suddenly all the other candidates have found their dictionaries and have learned the word “ch-an-ge” and “hope” after seeing it work for Obama. It just shows that most of these candidates are not who they say they are. They will change like green lizards based on what will get them elected to the white house in November.

I just hope Obama can keep this boat sailing on the high seas. He is now in the lead, front runners who become darling of the media are known to flatter and flap after a while. Case in point?, Howard Dean and John McCain.

It’s interesting that most African Americans support Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama based on recent polls. I don’t expect people to vote based on color, if they did then Barrack Obama would not have won the caucus in Iowa. A friend of mine jokes that black America does not support him because Obama is a clean cut, well dressed, well spoken man black man and I will admit kind of boring, therefore they don’t recognize him.

Maybe if he flashes a bling bling, slang a little, pimp his ride and bust a Souja boy move it will get him more black support.

That’s a joke with a of stereotypical assumption of black America, just a joke. Hell I don’t care if I offend anyone its my joke and in a lot of cases it is true.

He does not speak like the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptons of the day; you know that combative fighting tone, defenders and prosecutors of people who use words like “niggers” and “hoes”. Obama’s style is more of a conciliatory tone, hope and unity. Yeah kind of boring, but they can learn a lot from him. Obama is a positive role model for not just African American men (who are trying hard to self destruct), but all people of African descendants including here in Jamaica. I am proud of him and I want him to get the nomination from the democrats.

I know this is a very long post but I just can not help commenting on the Brittney Spears story. Brittney locked herself in the bathroom with her son and refused to come out. Apparently she did not want to hand over her sons to her ex husband Kevin Federline who has custody of their two boys. They had to call the police and she was taken away strapped down to a hospital for “psychological evaluation”.

Things just keep looking bad for her over and over again. Divorced , rendered unfit to raise her own children. I saw this picture on and it invoke in me a profound sadness. Here is Lyn Spears, Brittney’s mother. She lost her sister to breast cancer, her celebrity daughter cut her off, daughter Jamie Spears got pregnant at the age of 16.

I think Britney Spears should leave Hollywood, yes it is that simple. Get away from the paparazzi and all the other leeches that glorify her fowling up. Simplify your life.


~ by RB on January 6, 2008.

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