Proof Hillary Clinton is a human being

This video is proof that Hillary Clinton is actually human, I see emotions. I always hear the pundits proclaim otherwise. Well here is the proof or am I being fooled?.

Maybe I am analyzing this clip too much but look at the 12th to 14th second of the clip. She turns toward the camera knowing the audience is watching and possibly “preforming” for the camera. All her body language otherwise seems genuine,but the 12th to 14th seconds causes me to ponder, is she faking it.

All the major networks are playing this clip over and over again. Could this be final show to soften up the New Hampshire voters?. I have heard people say they don’t like Hillary Clinton or “The Clintons”. In fact the word used is hate. I am still wondering why. Some words used to describe her in major print and television includes : Divisive, fake,unlikable, phony, cold ,calculating, status quo.

ummm “calculating” and “fake”. I don’t know if this was calculated right before the New Hampshere primary, knowing an emotional Hillary would be the buzz on the news networks,youtube,blogs…

Is this “fake”?. I honestly don’t know.


~ by RB on January 8, 2008.

One Response to “Proof Hillary Clinton is a human being”

  1. […] Clinton tears.- On the eve of the election Clinton shed the now famous tears claiming” I really don’t want to see us fall behind”. This clip was very popular on all the major networks, on youtube, on the blogs. Whether you think they this was fake or real it gave hr high visibility and may have helped her especially among women voters.(see video) […]

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