Should I delete “Westmoreland justice”

A couple days ago I posted this blog entry. I am a little ashamed of it because I think I am promoting vigilanty justice here. I try hard to mask my jubilant feelings of the lynching of three goat thevies in Westmoreland. I am very ashamed of this entry. I am wrestling with the thought of deleting it due of shame.


It was this story on the Jamaica Observer website that promted these feelings. My conscience was whispering to me when I was writing the post, but I quited it with justifying the cause and victimizing the wicked perpetrators of the act. I, like so many Jamaicans get emotional about the crime cancer plague in Jamaica. I guess I was glad to see we have one up against the bad guys. The difference between them and us is that we have a conscience. We can not make them pull us over the dark side.

civilized-uncivilized- good-evil-justice-injustice………….. This blog is serving its purpose as an outlet for me expressing my self about this and that. Self evaluation and correction.

There are certain things I hate about my blog. I erase and re-write posts too much because of inflamitary themes and I don’t want to offend anyone. As of tonight I am making a declaraction my myself and the 2 other persons in the world that read this blog that it will as of now be straight, no wata, no pepsi, no sugar added 100% juice.

Talking about other people reading this blog I am moving the stats widget from my sidebar. Also I am going to stop looking at the stats page every 5 minutes when I am online. (I just refresh the stats page) I have no self-discipline.

I haven’t told anyone about my blog, no friends, no family. I think I am afraid they might see my soul. As for you reading this I could careless. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, that I know. I like the dark theme makes me feel private and intimate.

Did you notice I have no blogroll? I have been promising myself I am going to add a few blogs. Truth is there are many blogs that I read. Some boring, some dead and a few interesting ones. I will add a few, if you look on the side bar after reading this post and its still not there then you know I am procrastinator

but who cares……


~ by RB on January 12, 2008.

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