Jamaica grass energy drink

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~ by RB on January 13, 2008.

46 Responses to “Jamaica grass energy drink”

  1. i would really like to have one of these energy drinks

  2. I second that. google it I think they sell it in Germany. Don’t know that its sold locally. Let me know if you get it.

  3. We will sell within a few weeks a similar energy drink
    If you are interested just let me know

  4. here is my email, kingstonstateofmind@gmail.com an image of the drink and details about your drink.****

    ehmmm.. maybe a sample.

  5. yo no me lo bebo yo me lo fumo

  6. necesito saber los requisitos para la importacion del producto hacia Chile

  7. I don’t speak Spanish but gathering from what you asked here is a link on how you can buy the drink to import it in your country. They are in Germany by the way.


  8. this drink sounds good and i would love to try it

  9. fuck yeah! i would like to try it.

  10. i want that jamacica grass energy drink how much it cost

  11. and i love to have that sent to it 67 clearmeadow rd

  12. This is the link Jimmy


  13. my mouth is dribblein for that drink how can i get some please

  14. the link above

  15. mmmmmmmmmmm drink lookz tasty send me sum mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. pickle-the link above

  17. does any one knows of a sports energy drink call Power Gen sold in the caribbean ? is still available?

  18. I googled it but I didn’t find anything related to a drink, i am assuming you already did that. Otherwise me personally have not heard of that drink.

  19. How am i gon get sum of this drink in Ghana

  20. gostaria que vcs mandacem musicas da jamica por e mail para mim por q sou Brasileiro e gosto muito do som da jamaica vcs mandando mando sons daqui pra vcs tambem se for rap melhor ainda sou d Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brasil sou muito fam de rap de outros paises mas da jamaica sou mais fam ainda escuto so de ves enquando nos filmes mas ja deu pra perceber que a musica e boa um abraço de todos os braisleiros que gostan de rap jamaicanoate mais

  21. mmm grass drink, for real hope it have some good herbs, would really like to try it, hope to find some, jah bless

  22. Bought the Jamacian Grass Energy Drink in Dominica while on vacation and would love to buy/import it in Canada. If anyone has information please contact me.

  23. I would love to import Jamaica energy drink to US please contact me. i did drink in kingston a spring break … ‘vent no words to say how I appreciate that.

  24. Hello i would like to import Jamaica grass energy drink tu Guadeloupe FWI, please contact me.

  25. doood i wannt some !!!

  26. dude seriously what is all in that? lol i think i ,ight wanna try it lol

  27. i want this amazingly looking drink. does it taste like pot?

  28. how do i and i get me some a dat drink up deya? dat link u put up not be workin. and do it be just called jamaica grass or do its got cannabis in its?

  29. lekker he man hee man

  30. i would want to import this drink for biz in Nigeria. Iguess it is just like any other Energy drink and there wont be any legal restrictions.We are not allowed to do hemp here.Please contact me.

  31. Dear Sir,

    Our Company is big and serious Croatian-Switzerland manufacturer of
    Jamaica Beverages, energy drink, fruit juices, fruizzers and ice teas.
    You can acces our
    web site http://www.jamaica.hr where you can see our production.
    We work with 39 country and we are looking for serious business partners(distributors) in your country.
    To get started trading we do not insist on the min.quantities of products
    We are sure that our products will certainly meet your expectations.

    Best regards


  32. Thank you for the info S. Villi, although the image on your website looks different from the one here or on the http://www.alibaba.com website.

    As you can see there is tremendous interest in this drink . I know you will have contacts regarding your drink.

  33. Thanks we are still very intrested in this product but we would rather it is in the previous can as per its design but without the word “hemp” written on the can.This is the only way we could compete with the likes of POEWR HORSE and RED BULL.

    We are willing to commit funds into thr project and will make enquiries and visits to know more about your company. Let me hear futher and rather urgently from you.

  34. I had not seen the other products as at when I made the previous reply. My internet was slow.I ve seen the advertisements and the various products.I could see there is a difference between Jamaican Grass Energy Drink AND Jamaican Energy Drink.OK, we are gamed and shall make adequate enquiries as per contact details herewith and visit Croatia as soon as practicable. CY

  35. CY –I strongly recommend you make your purchaes through


    They are the original website where I first found this info. The sellers on the site are reputable and to be honest I do not completely trust the new referral above.

  36. I like to know if we can be sell of the jamaika grass energy duink in my country nigeria.what are we going to do to a seller or agent in nigeria or africa pls let me know ok
    mr olubodun abiodun abul-aziz
    phone no +234703188392
    phone no +234 1 81124 21
    i look forwaod to hare from soon

  37. how can hemp give you energy, please inform me!!!

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  39. Based in spain would like tp know more about the drink and possibilities to distribute over here. email is below


  40. jamaica

  41. I like reading through an article that will make men and women
    think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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