Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

The race between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton keeps getting interestingER and interestingER. Who could have predicted that Bill Clinton who some called America’s first black president could be accused of being a racist son of a bitch.

All sorts of colors are showing these days, and the cards, my, oh my. The gender card, the race card. Personally I am getting more disgusted and almost depressed as everything unfolds. I am starting to really dislike the Clintons because its now showing how desperate and cunning they are. It appears they will stop at nothing to win the presidency. I ask myself now, how could I have supported them all these years. It seem that “vast right –wing conspiracy” had a true fight taking on the Clintons.

I don’t think America should re-live another Clinton era of fighting those old battles likely to be filled with more scandals whether real or made up by the militant right wingers and the media., further more what is this:

BushClintonBush(Clinton again)

How about we mix it up a little? toss a little Obama in their and spice things up for a CH-AN-GE.

I have nothing against the Clintons but I am tired of them now. America is full of talent and it’s silly to have two families dominating the politics in America. If the US was like Jamaica with a Westminster parliament system of government, then the Clintons would probably govern indefinitely. I think slick Willy has found a loop in the American constitution that limits two four year terms.

Just have your wife run for office. It seem like this is a global thing by the way. In Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was elected president right after her husband served the two terms allowed by the constitution. Politicians will always find ways to cling on to power. Next inline will be their children. Chelsea Clinton 2032!. The Bush will have twins hopefully sober by then running also.

I found it hysterical to read on the CNN political blog that former president Clinton said Barack Obama attacked him 80 times. Did he really go over speeches, television appearances etc,etc and count the attacks one at a time. Even if he has an assistant doing this, its truly a waste of time . He wouldn’t even let Mrs. Clinton fight her own battles; instead he injects himself into the campaign making all sorts of comments. I can just imagine how very vocal and visual he would be if he becomes first husband.

I have to give the Clinton campaign credit for fighting. To be honest all the talk of racist comments from the Bill and Hillary Clinton is a little crazy. Bill calling Obama’s stance on the war a “fairytale” was spun to look as if he meant a black president in America is a fairytale. When Hillary Clinton made a speech saying it took president LBJ to sign the civil rights act was spun also to be interpreted that the work of all those black folks who were hosed, set upon by dogs, march those march with Dr Martin Luthur King were insignificant.
These comments were blown out of context but many in the black community took offence. The Obama camp did push this spin before the now so called “truce”. With blacks being a cornerstone of the Clinton voting electorate this has put them in quite a predicament. It’s almost impossible for a white candidate to criticize their black opponent because every word will be twisted and turned into a racist remark. This of course will be pushed by the super sensitive thin skin fools and its accomplice the media. The Clinton enlist the help of a prominent black business leader founder of BET Bob Johnson who made vague references to Barack Obama’s drug use.

Hillary has played the gender card plenty and well, getting all emotional on television which I thought was fictitious and Oscar worthy. Dropping the power suits and the stone cold persona for flowery outfits. She much more friendly person with the news folks and even appeared on fox news channel. She has implied that the old “boys club” is teaming up on her. I must admit that I have seen some men in the media truly dog Hillary Clinton, news people you would watch for years and never had a hit they were sexist. The sexism is not just from males but the feminists in their blogs and commentaries clearly are tying their support based on gender. Just as in the case with race and Obama , any comments that criticize a female candidate can be turned into sexist propaganda to mobilize female voters.

Karl Rove (Bush’s brain) wrote a great op-ed where he criticized the senator for being “lazy”. I could agree more. I just don’t see the passion and urgency in him to win. I have listened to a few of his speeches and yes he is a great speaker, but he needs to step it up a notch. He needs to speak more about specifics and show more knowledge of the issues. Names like “empty suits” will start to stick. In the Nevada debate he fumbled and stuttered, just seem awful. He seems to not know the answer to some of questions and his answers are generalized. Clinton on the other hand shows way more intimate knowledge with answers geared to the target electorate in the state.

Barack Obama is clearly the favorite of the media. Hillary gets coverage but close enough but is bashed on every little comment whether it was yesterday or years ago. Its clear they hate her and love Obama. Poor John Edwards, this guy has been running for president for about 6 years. He is literally screaming at the top of his lungs for attention, but the media prefer their Obama and Clinton.

I personally use to call the electorate stupid for electing Bush twice largely based on likeability, party or ideology even though the candidate does not seem up to the task, or there is a better candidate. I am comparing Bush and Obama. It have been proven dangerous to elect an idiot (Iraq, Katrina, wiretapping, torture…….) Most Jamaicans are not the political junkie like myself, but when tell my friends about this fascinating history making campagn they argue that Obama should win after I mention he is black. So I call the electorate stupid for voting along the lines of gender race, likability or whatever and not I am thinking along those lines also. Yes if I could cast a vote for Senator Obama I sure would and it would not be based on ideas, but more about race and gender. Does not mean I am racist or a sexist?. The difference being If I were given to opportunity I would also vote for a white and or female candidate I would.

Diversity is an interesting thing. In Jamaica the two things that divide us the most is party (JLP/PNP) and class (uptown/downtown). In our last election when we had a female candidate the gender card was used and there where vague remarks that indicate the JLP is an elitist party. I think a day will come when there will be even more things that divides us. A viable Rastafarian candidate maybe, sexual orientation, physical disability. Rasta Fag Cripple rastafarian, homosexual, physically challenged. I think each category will get the lions share of their respective groups. This my friends is identity politics and as times goes by the so called “fairytale that the former president eluded to will manifest in a world stranger to us now. things will be shaken up and he outcome will be seen when the dust is settled from all the controversies.


~ by RB on January 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton”

  1. I’m a Barack Obama supporter. Go Obama!

    Asher Heimermann

  2. Vote ’08AMA

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