Politics hurts a friendship

The following is an instant message conversation I had with a friend of mine in from Jamaica studying in the States. I edited the name for privacy and edit some of my extreme comments that i am not too proud of. I will admit to being the instigator of this argument as it has been festering and marinating for some time based on previous conversation where my friend seems to dismiss Senator Obama’s shot for the presidency:

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My Friend: hello
Me: Barack Obama 2008!! **=
My Friend: (my name) cut the bull shit
My Friend: is america ready for a black president?
My Friend: blacks normallly settle on the coasts
My Friend: some part of the coasts
Me: you area racist and have no vision
My Friend: what about the 30 states that is fully populated and are all white?
My Friend: get real (my name)
My Friend: america is still a racist country
Me: iowa which is 96 % white gave him a win, no all people vote base on colour you idiot
My Friend: u think the jews going to vote for obama?
My Friend: then again
My Friend: you must understand
My Friend: Iowa
Me: thank god for people like obama
My Friend: when it comes to november
My Friend: is different
Me: Obama who dream big you are a limited person
My Friend: In Iowa
My Friend: the college votes differently
My Friend: you cannot use the state of Iowa to determine anything
My Friend: you don’t like obama because he is black
My Friend: no (my name)
Me: you are a black racist, I can’t believe you
My Friend: put ur headset on
Me: I am shamed of you man seriously
Me: no I am not taking calls from racists
You missed a call from My Friend. (1:29 PM on 1/20/2008)

My Friend: fuck u
My Fiend: there are a number of underlying issues
My Friend: and u must understand them,
My Friend: if i had a vote i would vote for obama
My Fiend: but u must understand that america voting process is totally different from jamaica or europe
My Fiend: the collegiate is the one that actually votes for the president at the end of the day
Me: don’t ltell me about electorial college my friend I am bright enough to know it ok
My Friend: currently
My Friend: of the 30 members on that board
My Friend: how many of them are black
My Friend: and how many are for democrats
Me: that Hillary clinton I hope she loose in novemember
My Friend: well
My Friend: its not a matter of hillary winning or losing
My Friend: hillary and obama can get 80% of the votes of the country
My Friend: 80% of democrat candidates in congress
My Friend: and still yet
My Friend: it is a republican as president
Me: where are you pulling those numbers, out of your ass
My Friend: yea
My Friend: look at teh last election
Me: the congress is literally split with the democrats having a slight edge
My Friend: did u think bush really win?
My Friend: how many of the 400 seats did u think the democrats control?
Me: bush won 51 per cent of the popular vote a fet no other president has done
My Friend: how many of the nations votes did the democrats win
Me: 2003
My Friend: nope
Me: 203*
My Friend: bush never won the popular vote
My Friend: and u have to look at this
Me: in the last election he did
My Friend: in the electoral college
Me: it was in 200 he lost the popular vote to al gore
My Friend: some states have more votes than others
Me: yes based on population and the electoral college
My Friend: but look at ot again
My Friend: alot of people still do not vote
Me: I think you should educate your self about the facts then talk to me you are so mis informed
Me: no wonder you are supporting hillary
My Friend: (my name) i live here
My Friend: i am around on the campaign
Me: so what, I obvious know more than you
My Friend: and 80% of my tv channels talking about elections
My Friend: and everybody at work and church discussing it
My Friend: but
Me: my friend the liberal media tell you what they want you to know, they brainwash you and fool you
My Friend: lets see what happens in november
My Friend: and u must not too
Me: read and research things for yourself for a change and stop gabbling up the shit on tv
My Friend: that you have media controlled by each party
My Fiend: party
My Friend: so when u read the ny times
My Friend: the stories may negatively impact the republicans
My Friend: and when u read the ny post it always negatively impact the democrats
Me: bullshit you have no substance (I signed off here, other messages were offline)
My Friend: u have to check out the websites u reading
My Friend: (my name)
My Friend: Fuck off until november


~ by RB on January 20, 2008.

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