Blogroll “yummy”

I have procrastinated enough; I finally got around to adding a blogroll.

Umm “blogroll”, sounds like food. Anyway personally I have a few blogs saved to my favorites, its way too time consuming and tedious to go through and add all of them and truthfully some I don’t wish to share.

There are a lot of great Jamaican blogs out there that I like and I visit regularly. Some lay dead along the corridors of cyberspace in mid sentence.

**(A brief moment of silence for those blogs no longer with us)****

I read the following blogs regularly when I have the time:


  1. Barbados Free Press– I like the in your face citizen journalism of this site. Makes me kind of wish we had a site like this in Jamaica that takes on the political arena. When I read this blog I get the impression that it played a major role in electing a new government in Barbados recently. This is just another proof of the power of the internet being communal for the free expression of anyone who wants a voice. I don’t think Jamaican activism is at play online yet. Sometimes I want to blog about some of the more pressing issues about my country but refrain myself knowing how politically ignorant and shallow so many of the tribal warriors of the political divide are. I read some of the scary harassment the bloggers of Barbados free press went through on an island more politically mature than Jamaica. Now that the king has been slayed (Owen Arthur, King Arthur), where does all of the outrage go?. I will be reading because it will be interesting to see.
  2. Montego Bay Day by Day– I don’t remember how I found this site but I am glad that I did. It chronicles basically pictures of the city of Montego Bay. With my slooooow Stone Age connection it shore takes for every to load but its worth it. Sometimes I get the impression that the blogger has taken all the pictures that can be taken of the city and is running out of places. Some shots are from different places of the country. I have thought about takes a few pictures to post on my blog but sometimes I wonder. Do people look at you funny when they see you walking around taking pictures of places and even more awkwardly other people you don’t know.
  3. Owen Soft– A brilliant idea. This blog also is an eye candy with meaning. Interesting picrutes and commentaries. This blog seems to be updated just once a week. I visit this one regularly, sometimes disappointed its not updated yet. I guess I am looking forward to what is going to be the next entry.
  4. Skeptical Brotha– I am a news/political junkie, skeptical brotha is just one of the long list of saved political sites I read. Why did I choose this one to showcase?, I don’t know. I had to choose one. Plus its 1:51 am and I want to sleep. Great sit by they way.
  5. The Naked Soul– Yes, regardless of your impression  of me I am a deeply spiritual. This site is goldmine to me with consistent freshness of quality posts everyday.

There are a lot of others out there I will add but for the time being this is it. I want to sleep… the way made up the blogroll and think it will or should appear on the side bar?.

I don’t know, I’ ll figure it out tomorrow




~ by RB on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blogroll “yummy””

  1. Thank-you for highlighting my blog! I am glad to hear that you find value in my writing.

  2. you are welcome, keep up the great posts

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