fridayToday I left work around 5 o clock. Like any other Friday after evening there seem to be more traffic, more people, just more. I normally feel good on Fridays, after all I am paid, I have two days away from all the stress and boring routine of work. 

I didn’t plan to do any errands but I decided to take advantage of an opportunity of making a few rounds since I didn’t want to have to leave my home on Saturday to do them. I went to my landlord’s shop to pay my rent. When I arrived the doors where neatly locked. I saw a gentleman near by who I often see when I go there and asked him if she has already left. 

“yes” he replied mumbling something else under his breath. 

I asked mainly to be polite, I really had nothing much else to say. I then turned and walk away. I was a little disappointed I didn’t see her. I like to get all my bills out of the way. It makes me feel free when it’s all settled. I did tell her I was coming yet she was not their. It has always been difficult to get a hold of my landlord to pay her. 

Strange I know, very strange. Sometimes I feel like I am the one running her down to put money in her pocket when it should be the other way around. Now I am going to play the waiting game. I will wait for her to call me, which might be days or even weeks 

I was expecting to be almost broke this weekend, now I have this extra cash that I am tempted to spend. I probably shouldn’t as this money can be called on at anytime. 

Feeling a little disappointed I didn’t kill that bird. I walked down to my barber shop. I have never felt at ease walking with certain amount of money on my person. It’s a good thing it was dress down Friday at work. I feel that when I am dress down I am less of a target for thieves. Me being a young guy in jeans and t-shirt may even be thought of as the “threat”, frankly I don’t care. 

As I turned into the building and sprint up the stairs it hit me. 

A long queue of “yutes” waiting to get their hair cut. There was so much people there that some had to stand outside leaning against the railing anxiously, watching the inside through the glass for the next chair to be free or a subtle signal from “their barber” that its their turn. It has always been like this on Fridays and I knew that going up there. I guess I was hoping it would be different this time around. I just didn’t want to be apart of that circus. After going all the way up the stairs and fully assessing the layout of the whole situation, I calmly turned around and sprint down the stairs even faster than I came up. 

There I was out in the open again. The second bird lives, Damn it. I thought about going to another barber but I was certain the situation would be no different. I paced the crowd walking like I was in a giant maze trying to find my out, but did I really want to find my way out?. 

I have always loved to see a lot of people dressed up or dressed down walking the plazas. Everyone with a little extra bag in their hand obviously spending the wealth they were recently awarded for their days, weeks, months of endless toil. Then of course there is Friday night, for most no work on Saturday or Sunday. The ladies looking a wonderful as ever. We celebrate Christmas once a week and its Fridays, I am convinced. 

Did you hear that?…….Listen 

It’s the tiger my belly. I am very hungry. After I wondered, chat it up with old acquaintances and friends I decided to go over to burger king to get a meal. I hadn’t eaten burger king in a while and was looking forward to it. I was very hungry. I was expecting a line there too. I dreaded the wait, the eyeballing, the “excuse me”, “sorry”, “opps”. 

I love to mix and mingle with people but not like this. I hate going into crowded places shifting and turning trying to make way and give way. Upon seeing the crowd I mustered up the strength and unwillingly joined. The tiger inside my belly was upset and I had to calm things down. Then I lost faith in less that one full minute of waiting. 

It’s unlike me to actually join the line the give up, but as I studied the long stream of people leading to the cashier and  the mass with white paper in hand waiting for their number to be called I got cold feet and “splurt”. The two folks who joined behind me seemed startled by my short stint and sudden exit. This tiger will have to wait until I get home. Snacks will calm it down initially and then maybe even a home cooked meal.



~ by RB on January 26, 2008.

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