Diana ross booed at jazz and blues

diana rossIts funny, just Friday I was talking to a few of my friends at work about the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival. One of my friend asked the question “what songs does a Diana Ross has that can move the crowd?. I came to the defense of the diva arguing that I am sure there are many songs from the so called Motown era that the audience of the much older and affluent could relate to. I myself could not name one song by the songstress other than she was famous wake back when.. (pretty shallow I know).

Well, I was surprised Sunday evening going into Monday morning to hear that Diana Ross was booed by irritated fans at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay. It was the buzz at work this morning of many folks who attended. To be honest I didn’t know so many people who frequently “bawl” how money tight could shell out well over five grand for one night of show. I am not saying it’s not worth it, I am just thinking.

Anyway, so what really happened?, Well the Venue packed with well over 20,000 patrons were promptly advised before the queen Diana Ross performed that

“to honor Miss Ross’ wishes, she will not be shown on the monitors.”

What the ……..?

Much to the ire of thousands who openly displayed their disdain by the turn of events. Upon the ending her set belching out hits from the Motown days the diva was booed by patrons who were upset. It’s reported that she also asked that the sound be turned down. After doing a little research for this post I discovered that she is age 60 plus, most older folks don’t like loud noise and bright lights (joke) .

Not funny?

A promoter on who was interviewed by CVM-TV’s Wilford Williams said that even after repeated attempts to have Miss Ross change her stance of not having her set shown on the mega screens located at pivotal points at Aqueduct in Montego Bay venue was rejected.

Patrons where pissed, I can tell you that folks at work fumed about the weekend’s event and I heard that tourists at the airport in Montego Bay were talking about it too. It was funny watching those patrons on television arguing that it’s the promoters fault and they wanted back their money. We all know the show your loud self on television culture we have in Jamaica.

I don’t blame the promoters though; it’s all the diva’s fault. According to the promoters “she was already paid, she was already here in Jamaica, the audience was coming expecting to see her and I couldn’t tell them at the last minute that she had cancelled”.

Again I saw report on CVM-TV where the promoters said there was nothing in their contract with Diana Ross that required here be shown on mega screens. Over the 11 year history of the event, this is the first time a performer had demanded such bratty requests.

It’s reported in the media that Diana Ross threatened to exit the stage if her performance was recorded/ shown on the mega screen. Who is Diana RAAS?. I have heard many stories of so called divas making all sorts of demands for all sorts of crap. Although this one dwarf previous requests I have heard about so far, Queen Ross request was just stupid and selfish.

And to think she was paid a reported $300,000 USD. That’s BS if you ask me. It’s not just the patrons that should feel short changed. Even with all this I still don’t understand why she wanted the mega screen turned off.

Well she does have a lot of hair on her head and maybe her hair and her ego was too big to fit on the mega screens or maybe she was lip syncing and didn’t want anyone to see. She is 60 something, maybe there are wrinkles or something, what ever it is she acted like a spoiled brat.

This story made it to the cultsite TMZ.com, your link to all things gossipy(new word) and celebrity.

Sorry Diana, people wanted to SEE your performance. If they wanted to just HEAR you then they would go download your music for free on limewire, buy your CD :). A complete disrespect for your fans in Jamaica. We are not use to divas in Jamaica. As one of my friend say the promoters should probably sue her.

This my friends has been posted to my Phuckery category.




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