The dog ate my super bowl tickets

buddyWe have all heard the phrase “The dog ate my homework”. The owner of Buddy a 3 year old Labrador retriever can now claim “the ate my super bowl tickets”, and that’s no joke because he really did. This after Buddy made a meal of his owners’ two Super Bowl tickets valued at $900 USD each ($63,900 Jamaican).  The tickets which were purchased online and was delivered by courier to Chris Gallagher, of Avondale, Arizona who asked for the tickets to be placed under his doormat , the envelope with the tickets were instead pushed under the door much to the delight of buddy who shredded the tickets in doggy delight. 

According to the owner of the dog, this was not the first time Buddy has destroyed important things. So far the dog has mauled sunglasses, football and of course shoes. 

Luckily Chris Gallagher will have his tickets replaced by the seller without it costing him. I guess that’s why it’s so important for people to try to do a good job, doormat, under door big difference. It is till easy to see how anyone could have made that mistake. If the delivery note said put it under a doormat instead of under a door then by all means do so Mr. Courier sir. 

Personally I don’t care too much for the super bowl. I honestly don’t fully understand American football. If I get a glimpse at it I think I would find the commercials and half time show way more interesting than the game itself. This Sunday you have the New England Patriots vs New York Giants. 

Back to the story of Buddy shredding these tickets, this story had me thinking about a dog I use to have name Rex, common name for a dog I know. Rex was a high octane dog who had a seasonal obsession with peoples’ shoes. He would simply snatch your shoes, sneakers, slippers or whatever and take off with it in his mouth. I had to search my yard for foot wear almost every day. I got tired of his crap and hit him with the very shoes he love so much. I have never hit my dog before and hated doing it. I am very critical of people who abuse dogs then I turn around and do the same thing (hypocrite). I was hoping it would cause him to stop, it didn’t help. At one point I caught him again red-handed red-mouthed in the act with a slipper in his mouth. 

This is how I figured the dog knew what he was doing was wrong. The dog looked at me and places the slipper back on the ground. He then posed the innocent doggy face, tail wagging, long tougue hanging out, being all friendly. It was hard for me to hit him.(saps) 

Another thing that upset me is the dogs going through my garbage. Ever made the mistake of leaving your garbage to the mercy of those dogs only to wake up the following morning to see the tornado like scene with trash all over the place?.

Anyway Rex died over two years now under questionable circumstances. 

I know what you’re thinking…….. What kind of monster do you think I am? 

At least he is now in “doggie heaven” with all the shoes he ever could want. 

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. Sometimes I feel sorry for the so called mongrels that are so skinny and neglected in Jamaica. I think Jamaicans are becoming better at taking care of their dogs. We are known to kick and stone dogs, for example there was a story on television where a cop shot his neighbors dog because the dog constantly barked at him. The woman called TV-J and raised her protest on national television and vowed never to move the dead dog. Apparently the aim is to have a rotten dog to stink up the place for bother and her neighbor. 

Then there was a very disturbing article in the Star late last year about gunmen in some communities who killed dogs at night time in an attempt to silent the obvious alarmists of their presence and also killed the dogs for sport.  these things say a lot about us as a country.

I think we are doing better at caring for our animals as time goes by. The high profile socialite celebrities with their poodles and shutsu have spawns it’s little phenomenon here with more and more women especially clutching one of these little dogs. Although there are no official studies I am prepared to say just through observation Jamaicans are spending a lot more of their pets, most of this money goes toward pet food. Pet stores that sell pet products exclusively are popping up and I hear people actually talking about taking their dogs to a vet.



~ by RB on February 2, 2008.

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