Supa dupah tuesday- and the battles go on

I was planning a big post after Super Tuesday but I am not too happy with the results. Some folks in the media call it a draw. I think Barack Obama did great but the has framed it as a win for Hillary Clinton.

Let me talk a little about the results starting with the money.

The Money Machine

Senator Obama was raised $32 millions in January compared to Senator Clinton’s $13 million. Plus Clinton admitted today to loaning herself campaign $5 million. Just today after Super Tuesday Obama raised almost $3 million in one day on the internet. Most of Obama money comes from ordinary Joes and Janes sending in $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00. Clinton takes money from the big wigs,corporation and DC lobbyists that will run her presidency if she is the nominee.

The State of the States

There were 23 states in play ( I might be wrong)

States won by Barack Obama (14)

Illinois(home state)











North Dakota



States won by Clinton (9)


New York(home state)

New Jersey






New Mexico

The Delegates

This is complicated. The states divide and award their delegates based on a proportionate system. This is the prize with the person reaching 2,025 first wins. I am not going to try and explain it other than to say from Tuesdays votes

Obama -840 Clinton- 830

*both figures are estimate as counting are still underway according to No big changes are expected though.

With all that said , Obama is winning the money game, the states game and the delegates game. The media is framing Super Tuesdays’ results as if Clinton won, at least some of them. This is because of their own bias coverage for Obama and their daily chatter about his apparent “surge” in the polls. It is always funny to see the media star stuck. The Clinton camp tone down the expectation within the late 48 hours of the campaign.

I watch both candidates in speeches (notice I didn’t say victory speech) after the networks called the states for either side. Clinton seem more pleased wit the results especially within the last couple days, before Super Tuesday the polls showed Obama closing the gap in his so called “surge”. I think she was just happy to be still standing. I kind of feel sorry for her. No wonder she gets sympathy votes after the pundits are finish slaughtering her on their coverage.

Obama did not seem as pleased as Clinton. Expectation was that he would have done much better. In my opinion he did ok. He won more states, more delegates. Again expectation and psychology is reality.


~ by RB on February 7, 2008.

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