Tropicana strawberry melon

Tropicana strawberry melon
Today I went to the vending machine at work and bought myself another Tropicana strawberry melon “juice drink”. In my mind I still think its soda but who cares. It has been a long time since I drink soda and for the most part opted to have “wata” or orange juice for fast food when I am not home.

So what’s so fascinating about Tropicana strawberry melon?, I don’t know but this is the third one I have had one since this week. I find myself racing to the vending machine with my mouth drooling for its red 5% juicey freshness. I can anticipate feeling its light cool strawberry splashing up the roof of my mouth and satisfying my egger tongue.

The wash is not as unforgiving as the pepsi, D&G we know, it is “non carbonated” . Thank god for that. They also claim it to be “Flavored juice drink”. What the hell is “flavored juice drink” I think they are trying to fool me or trick me. I guess the fact that it has “5% juice” and other “natural flavors” qualifies it as a so called “flavored juice drink”.

I like the fact that it has a light feel to it. I really only taste strawberry and no melon, I didn’t taste the other “natural flavors” either. I guess I should just take their word for it. Frankly I think they are trying to sell and say,

“Here is a healthy drink”

My skepticism lingers on because even though it taste better than the others they bottled it in the same 8 fl oz/240 ml bottle that its other cousins are in, you know the pepsi, coca cola, bigga . For a non adventurous individual like myself a simple new name does not elicit me to try but thank god I did and I think I am falling in love.

So I decided to spin my little red beauty around and inspect it from cork to bottom. Ummmm let me see nutrition facts. Those words are too big for me but let me try at least two that jump out at me. Hemametaposphate (to protect flavors) and Potassium benzoare (to preserve freshness). They say they included “treated water”. What can I say it sound like they are poisoning me and adding once unclean water, now “treated water” to it.

Maybe these labels shouldn’t have such fancy words that they know dunce like me can’t pronounce, I may have even copped it incorrectly from the bottle for all I know. Instead of “treated water” why not spring water. Treated water sound as if the water was dirty and they filtered it up. If they said it was spring water they might be lying to people, its ok to lie to me I know you are lying about the 5 % juice and all the other mumbo jumbo anyway. How cynical can one get? I am sorry I just don’t believe most of it.

I will enjoy my Tropicana strawberry melon, taking its claims with a grain of salt, its funny they say its low sodium. Who am I to question the claims of makers of Tropicana strawberry melon?, after all they do have the seal of “independent professional chef”. I laugh to myself when I saw this seal. I didn’t know chef work these kind of things, maybe food but not commercially mass produced soda I mean ““Flavored juice drink”. The ingredients make it sound as if nuclear scientists were mixing up this “flavored juice drink”. I am relieved to know that it’s chefs.

I will admit that I like it. I just wish it was not so much, all of 240 ml. I think they should sell it in the smaller bottle. The chubby version, or likkle bigga and likkle wata. As much as I like my Tropicana strawberry melon I almost had to force myself a bit to finish it. I was sipping it from about 10:30 am straight through the day. It was like fine wine though because it did taste better with age. The room temperature even with a fridge air conditioning makes my Tropicana strawberry melon sweeter. My co worker who watched me sipping it again and again was swept away like children following a pipe piper unintentionally. I was surprise when she asked if I could fetch her a Tropicana strawberry melon when I go down stairs. I obliged, it was like reliving the experience of buying it earlier for myself, to quench my thirst, to amass my taste buds in sugary delight only to give it away. This time a got a straw because I am a gentleman. I couldn’t bother to get one for myself, too eager I guess.

I didn’t ask but I think she came to the same conclusion I did. It was too much to drink. Getting it close to leaving work is not optimal. A 204 ml of red-strawberry melon requires a long haul, at least for me and apparently for her too. She contemplated carry home the rest for an infant relative. Although I didn’t ask, I don’t think she liked it as much as I do.

That does not impede my wondrous love affair with this “flavored juice drink” I wait for tomorrow for our next meeting Tropicana strawberry melon.

Happy Valentines Day


~ by RB on February 15, 2008.

11 Responses to “Tropicana strawberry melon”

  1. where can i find strawberry melon juice can not find it where i live in warrenton VA.

  2. sorry, I live in jamaica, don’t know about VA, maybe you can use google to find something. I think coca cola makes it..

  3. Stawberry melon is so damn delicious. I love it more than any drink i’ve ever had and that’s an understatement.

  4. its like ONLY available in vending machines.

    its not available in like ANY store – which sucks.

  5. Treated water sounds so DISGUSTING. So basically we’re drinking flavored tap-water. Great, wtf am I paying them for then? Even if they added %5 juice or 3% (in the orangeade that i’m writing about) or natural juice, there would SOME sort of benefit, .i.e. Vitamin C or anything…

    You’re buying a bottle full of empty, possibly tainted calories. So no matter how delicious you’re tricked into thinking this thing tastes like, don’t be fooled. It serves no purpose on this planet but to make millions for an American company that has moved it’s operations (such as its orange groves) abroad.

  6. yum it’s good. but i still like mountain dew better 🙂

  7. seriously I love the drink to and I went to the tropicana website trying to find a store that it’s in or a way to ship it to my house and there is nothing about it on their website!

  8. Amanda-I am sorry that you can not find it. I live in Jamaica but the company that makes the drink is coco cola I think. They manufacture the its here. I think maybe you should send them an email asking about it. Lt me know what happens.

  9. I love this drink also. I could only find it in my mall’s vending machine’s. I have looked at Wal-mart, Albertson’s and Walgreens, but they don’t carry it. Walgreens checked and it is not even available for them to purchase. My husband was at an Exxon and they had it. The sales clerk said it is a popular drink. So why aren’t the supermarkets selling it? I think it was in a Pepsi machine at the mall. So I don’t think it is a Coca Cola product, but who knows. And who knows why it is so hard to find. I found this site on google trying to find it. There is no info on the label!

  10. wow this is sureal ive been looking in dallas texas for the graet tasting juice after i bought some on ocean drive in south beach & OMG its the Best !!! so far no success online or the 10 plus stores and counting ,,

  11. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but
    after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll
    be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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