Ochi rios high teachers in a millitant mood

Since the school year started in September of last year three students have been killed in schools by fellow school mates stabbing the other to death over things like T-squares and cell phones. I shake my head in wonder when people act surprise , shocked, appalled and all the other exclamation adjectives you can think of when these things happen.

Well here is a perfect example that the fruit never falls far some the tree or something,something. A father march into a class room and threatened a teacher with a knife because the teacher reprimanded his son for disrupting an examination. Apparently the boy went home and told his father that the teacher “chuck” him. All this happend at the Ochi Rios High in St Ann.

The attack on the teacher sparked a protest by teachers at this school leaving some 2400 students idle for a whole day and remember as I mention in my previous post about Empty chairs in Jamaican schools that Jamaica has a very bad record of absenteeism which show students are already loosing valuable time that could be spent learning. Incidentally St Ann had the best record of attendance comparatively speaking although it was still way off target for what the ministry of education’s target is. Make no doubt about it I completely support the teachers. The thing about protests in Jamaica is that it always acts as a speed bump to our progress.

The general point I am making is that children in schools will stab each other, will have sex at school proudly record the event to exhibit, will curse and deface the bus and other public spaces because their parents not just practice many of these things but they re-affirm and condone the bad behavior.

Read the entire story about the high drama at Ochi Rios High school sparked by this parent attack on a teacher there in on the Jamaica Observer website.


~ by RB on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ochi rios high teachers in a millitant mood”

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