Jamaican students under-arrest

I saw a short clip on television last night where Andrew Holness minister of education stressed that students caught with weapons at school should be turned over to the police. What took them so long? Knives and ice picks are the common weapon of choice; guns are surely coming into the mix now.

Low attendance, sex tapes and condoms, of course they must have the latest cell phone to capture the sexipodes to boast to their friends. They do it because they can get away with it. The truth is that these things have been happening for a long time in schools. It’s only now starting to get attention because it is getting worst. Not only that but the use of technology have highlighted the violence caught on cellphone camera and who can forget the famous “bluetooth express”.

I hear about metal detectors and police posts at school. Anyone would think we are in a war zone. Next teachers and students will also need panic rooms and bullet proof vests. Did you see the story in the Star a couple weeks ago where young boys were pimping their female school mates?


The truth is that arresting students will send a clear message that carrying weapons to school will not be tolerated but the larger picture requires a change of culture.

Read the news story here.



~ by RB on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jamaican students under-arrest”

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