Survey: more Jamaicans support legalized gambling & abortion still is murder

This story in the Jamaica Gleaner comes as no surprise to me, in fact I speculated in my post just last weeks ago Church undermines progress in Jamaica that the Patterson administration who also faced opposition from the church in introducing casino gambling had smartly open up the minds of Jamaicans through Gaming and Lotteries Act laying the ground work for the introduction of casino gaming.

It comes as no surprise that most Jamaicans in a Gleaner commission survey done January 12 and 13, 2008 shows that 48 % of those surveyed supported casino gambling. In 2006 when a similar sample was done only 40 % supported casino gambling. What I found most interesting is the great decline in the number of Jamaicans who opposed casino gambling. In 2006 55% of the public opposed casino gambling, which was then the majority. In the recently concluded survey this figure dropped a substantial 15% point. I also found the number of those sitting on the fence on the question interesting. In 2006 only 5% remained undecided contrary to now where a larger 12%.

So what does all of this mean to me. I think the Jamaican public has soften up to casino gambling and we are ready. Apart from the fact that the majority now support it is great news but what is even more interesting to me at least is the big reduction in opposition to it. I don’t know what to make of increase of undecided, but if I were to guess I would say they are either 1. Not aware enough of the issue and can not take a side on the issue, 2.They might be ashamed to support the issue especially if they are devoted church goers. Although I know nothing about polling I think a great question to gauge these undecided would be “How often to you attend church” a) More than twice a week, b) Once a week, c) Easter, Christmas, d) rarely/sometimes.

One of the most used phrased on radio, television and in newspapers is “authorized under the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission”. May Jamaicans voluntary and automatically are entered into prize promotions by a Digicel, Courts among countless others corporate entities. I wonder what the church thinks about the results of this new survey?.

The Reverend Karl Johnson, president of the Jamaica Council of Churches, told The Sunday Gleaner that he was not surprised about the shift in public opinion. He indicated that the Church was still standing its ground on the matter.

“What is popular is not necessarily proper,” he said—— The Sunday Gleaner

If this is a moral issue the church continues to lose a moral battle. This comes as no surprise in a country plagued by corruption and crime. When I look at the leading stories in both major national newspapers it was as if they joined to hit the church over the head with a double whammy. Today’s Jamaica Observer leading story tells the story of 9 abortions between two Christian women. It is sadly captioned “2 Christians 9 abortions”. Another story in the Gleaner last week featured a retired doctor who claims to have performed over 1000 abortions. The media is consciously or unintentionally battling and discrediting the church in Jamaica. I think abortion is plain horrible. I think its murder in the most profound way because the victim is nameless and defenseless but still a person. A fetus has eyes, scull, fingers, baby hands and feet. Those who support abortion should ask themselves the question” do I agree with the killing defenseless babies?”. We should be promoting safe sex/prevention practices such as contraceptives and condoms. Personal responsibility must account for something although non of use are perfect. Nine abortion between two persons is at least 4 different times for each. This is no accident and obviously no lessons were learned and no steps were taken to prevent another pregnancy, but who am I to judge. I notice the article mention that bother women were “Both women say they were molested”. This is the “cap out”, excuse and not taking any responsibility for their actions.

Excerpt from the Jamaica Observer :

“I can recall the pain because there were no anaesthetics back then,” she said. “I remember the sounds that I made, just ‘mmmm’. It was so hurtful and painful. I can never forget the forceps, when it goes in and it makes that sound [imitates cracking sound] and then you feel that stabbing. I bore the pain and I went alone because I didn’t want anyone to know. All I could say was ‘mmmmm’ and the tears flowed, but I bit my tongue and I bore it… I even felt when he was doing the washing out [imitates gushing sound]”

Sad indeed.

The question is at what week is it appropriate to kill a baby.




~ by RB on February 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Survey: more Jamaicans support legalized gambling & abortion still is murder”

  1. In America we face similar issues. There is a powerful documentary recently produced which tells the racist history of abortion and the founding of Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. You must spread this DVD around Jamaica – it will change hearts for sure. It is called: Maafa21. Please see the trailer and info here

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