Jamaica anti-gay meca of the world

Once again we show the world how ignorant we really are, third world indeed. We help those fruit baskets gay rights activists use Jamaica as a propaganda football to promote their agenda. Read this story that was picked up by international media about an incident in Mandiville. Read story here


~ by RB on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jamaica anti-gay meca of the world”

  1. MUST ATHEISTS SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALITY? by Patrick BENS (pat_bens@yahoo.com)

    I am a life-member of American Atheists and a family man and I do not support gay rights.
    I never considered homosexuality unnatural nor immoral, just immature. You doubt me? Look around you during gay pride marches. Do these men look mature to you? Holding hands like lost little boys? Kissing like pubescent girls? In public, they draw a lot of attention to their conduct, as their camp mannerism needs an audience. Once separated and alone in a room full of heterosexuals, they behave with furtive embarrassment, knowing they are subject to ridicule if they act up.

    During puberty, homosexuality is a curiosity to be explored, like kissing and petting. Therefore it is not unnatural to see boys and girls explore the sameness in others. It is neither immoral because this is after all nature and nature exploration comes naturally.
    But in adults, it is not a show of great maturity turning to a fellow weakling for sex. I never understood why a weak male couldn’t wed a strong female and start a perfectly happy marriage. They can have children and still swing with similar couples. But matrimony among same-sex couples? That must be the invention of a starving divorce lawyer!
    Or do you think there is an ulterior motive? By mimicking the heterosexual, so called nuclear family, through gay-marriage, homosexuals have a foot in the door for adopting children. Now they can close that door and accost the children à gogo. Supply and demand go hand in hand across the land.
    Neither do I understand why homosexuals need special rights? What do they fear? Do not all men and women have already equal rights, whether they prefer to live a heterosexual or homosexual lifestyle? Do they need extra rights to protect their immaturity? Some homosexual leaders go as far as to say that their gay pride marches are for civil rights like the struggle for equality the Blacks suffered until the 1960s. Forgive me, but I don’t see drinking fountains and restroom doors For Homosexuals Only, although I wouldn’t mind. The problem for homosexuals is simple: nobody takes them au sérieux. They’re a laugh. They are homosexual one day and bi-sexual the next. Do we need restrooms for heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bi-sexuals?

    Among lesbians with kids you encounter this permanent air of doll droll that must hurt the children in their care. Sure, it may all seem near normal when children are tiny, but once they go to middle school, these children are, among their peers, uneasy with their plural mothers’ narcissistic mannish impersonations. To these children, it must feel like the left shoe is on the right foot.

    Homosexuality is a sexual retardation. Homosexuals argue that homosexuality is acceptable because it already exists in the animal world. It does also in lunatic asylums. Isn’t this evidence enough that homosexuality is immature and unintelligent by their own admission?
    A constant excuse is that homosexuality is a choice and not an illness. This rationale gives the claimant the choice to molest. We see this in monasteries and seminaries. If we let homosexuals be teachers and parents, youngsters will get the impression that gay exhibitionism is just another form of physical deviation like being overweight or smoking cigars. Homosexual tutorage or parentage deceives in a child’s learning as to what heterosexuality, the majority lifestyle, is. Like children from a polygamist family, kids reared in a homoerotic environment grow up to be sheepishly shy, furtive and embarrassed, when out of doors. Not to mention the ridicule they receive from their mainstream classmates. Social isolation constricts the child’s developing into a normal, healthy, happy maturity and leads to frustration, substance abuse and crime.

    What society objects to in polygamy is not the fact that one old man marries ten wives or that each wife has ten kids. What society deplores is the fact that those wives are minors.
    What society rejects in homosexuality is not the fact that a man sleeps with another man or a woman with another woman. What society wants to prevent is that minors are exposed to it.

    Some try to attack religion as a foe to adult homosexuality. No religion can claim that adolescent homosexuality is immoral because sexual experimentation is as natural as blossoming. However, every religion has its own moralities that differ from each other, yet in most houses of worship homosexuality is unwelcome. Must atheists embrace homosexuality? Do our atheist dues support the homosexual lifestyle? Do heterosexuals have to pay for homosexual AIDS care?
    Adult homosexuality is an immaturity which all of society must condemn because of its vile menace to children. Gay males in drag now use the girls’ bathroom in libraries, colleges and bookstores. Is that OK in your child’s school?
    If you’re 6 and have a homosexual teacher and he asks you if you want to become a teacher when you grow up, what do u say?
    The comical theatricks of femininity in men and masculinity in women taken for granted into our educational institutions are purging our younger generations. The militant phase with the farcical face of homosexuality is a growing threat to all sectors of society. Their efforts to penetrate families and schools to mislead kids that homosexuality equals heterosexuality is poison in your child’s milk.

    What would the world look like if homosexuality were the rule? Is it soon unlawful to warn against that? The word homophobia itself is a perversion. It vilifies the normal guy for decrying abnormality.

  2. interesting write up you posted there my friend, but i must say a great deal of your complaints about homosexuals can also be applied heterosexuals. I agree that the greatest fear of homosexuals is the exposure to children, you also rightfully said that childrean on their own experiment with homosexuality makimg it immature or gay parades are immature. children experiment with heterosexuality also and look at ‘girls gone wild’ or mardi gra, the street carnival which is primarily heterosexual.
    I can understand your disagreement with the choice or ‘illness’ with the lifestyle but much of your argument is contradicting or does not hold water even to heterosexual standard.

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