Teacher beat 12 year old with car fan belt

caine.jpgAnytime I read stories like these “STUDENT BEATEN WITH FAN BELT” in the newspaper I try to internalize and rationalize what was this person thinking when they carried out their actions. A teacher at yet again another school in Clarendon beats a student with a CAR FAN BELT!!!

Was the teacher out of electrical wires or tamarind switches?, even a cato-nine that they used on criminals in years gone by. A car belt?, Was this mechanics class or something?

A group of students are beaten by this teacher because they did not turn in a group project that they were assigned. The teacher took it upon herself to beat a group of I am guessing might have been 5 to 8 students for not doing homework. One of the student suffered such serious injuries to her left hand that doctors had to x-ray it for broken bones.

I remember when I was in primary/high school and a group was about to be flogged, they would line up and this is the first time fellow classmates literally fighting not to be ahead in the line, yep we they competed for last place. As the straps hit and students scream and wriggle to the agony of the belt, those waiting for the terror ahead fret and start bawling tearfully and internally.

What a life.

Of course those most likely to be beaten are first to third graders like the one in this story. The child is only 12 years old and what seems like the first year in high school. The student parents had to seek medical attention for her.

Damn that teacher must have been very angry and strong.

A car fan belt is a tough gritty rubber that must hurt like hell. The standard used in schools are a regular strap or the cane which is a long bamboo looking object.

Welcome to Jamrock. Trinidad and Tobago passed a law some years ago making corporal punishment illegal in schools. Those are steps toward a civilized community.

Last week I post an entry “Ochi rios high teachers in a militant mood” about a father going into a school to threaten, attack whatever you want to call it, a teacher. The teacher according to the student “chuck” him because of some hula-lu in an examination. There are certainly two sides to everything and some of the behavior displayed by some teachers are very bad indeed. It is like they are on the same level as the students they teach and they are literally competing with them on who can be the baddest.

In the mix the teacher loses something great, respect. Some teachers use insults that shame a student in front of an entire class. Students behave badly teachers are stress-out.

Most teachers are a wonderful value to society but what this teacher did is plain phuckery


~ by RB on February 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Teacher beat 12 year old with car fan belt”

  1. I believe what this teacher did is abusive and a reflection on the teachers inability to motivate through language. There is no reason for beating a child. We do not learn positve lessons from beatings or abuse. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. I don’t think beating should be used at all. In Jamaican’s culture things are different however and I think this contributes to our wider problems. thank for sharing your thoughts on the matter

  3. […] Jamaica. With all the talk recently about the BS going on in school from both students,parents and teachers this letter shows a childlike view on the situation in those days. Again, although the letter […]

  4. foolishness is bound in the heartof a child but the rod of correction shall drive it away beating should be done but notin this manner u people need to pray and seek god

  5. I disagree beating children is backwards

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