Tropicana orangeade

Today I decided to be adventurous. I have been relishing the smooth cool Tropicana melon strawberry for some time now and have grown to love it immensely. It was with a heavy heart I switch and sampled the Tropicana orangeade. 

I was drawn to its name “orangeade”. I remember drinking the strawberry melon  and could not taste one bit of melon or “other flavors” . I assumed from the name that this juice drink should have orange and lemonade, hence orangeade. In more ways than one orangeade is a very close cousin to strawberry melon in terms of labeling and rhetoric like “non carbonated”, Flavored juice drink” , “natural flavors” , “treated water” and all the other words and phrases they use to convince us that we are buying a healthy product. They fooled me and I don’t mind being fooled. As I said before what I like most is that it is non-carbonated. 

It still has that hissing sound like soda when you open it but I think thats just air coming out. It is bottled like soda  but really is 3 % juice. 

Wait a minute, only 3% juice? 

What happened to the other 2 %. I remember strawberry melon having 5% juice so why is orangeade only 3 %. They lowered me with 5% then when they have me hook cut the juice. This sounds like “bait and switch” Mi vex. A wha dem feel like. Dem tek man fi fool. 

Did they think the recycle logo and the professional chef seal would distract me. I honestly think most people don’t pay this much attention to these little things and therefore doesn’t notice it. I don’t think they care. I am just curious. Why 5% on some and 3% on others. 

Hell I don’t mind either orangeade taste good. Even though I don’t taste, smell nor see any lemon or “other flavors”. There is no “ade” in this “orangeade”. I guess I should take their word for it. I am not saying they are lying. I am saying I just don’t taste it. To satisfy my self I will just imagine its there. The truth is for $70 I could easily get 100% pure orange juice, “from concentrate”. 

I still lust the Tropicana though, the name Tro-pic-ana . It sounds like a woman. (don’t laugh) Maybe it’s the bright colour action splashy illustration at the front of the bottle. Maybe it’s the giggly orangeness, redness that attracts my lustful eyes and set my taste buds alive. It spins me into action shell out that $70 even though I am poor. 

I proudly show off my orangeade on my desk at work. I feel the weary eyes of pass byers staring at my juice drink. Craving it, wanting to touch it. 

I want to shout “get your own it is with me”. 

 I get it earlier in the mornings now. As the day goes by I slowly sip away at it . Remember how I complain about the 240 ml  being too much and said they should make a “chubby version. Well I drink my words because now my non-carbonated friend is disappearing fast into the depths of my soul. I notice that I reach for it more frequently. I look at it and get seduced time and time again. I reach for it when I am stressed especially, a sigh and sip. A stressful day means my Tropicana will be devoured faster and of course lunch if I have any.

I am starting to think that at the rate I am going. I might need to buy two each day. I will resist it though, or so I hope think, wish whatever. I know this is just a phase obsession that will soon pass. 

Tomorrow I shall treat myself with either the peach or fruit punch. I shall share it with you. Not the drink, my experience.



~ by RB on March 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tropicana orangeade”

  1. The “ade” in orangeade doesn’t mean that it has lemons in it. It just means that it’s mostly water (and apparently high frutose corn syrup in Tropicana’s case). Lemonade is only like 1 cup of juice or less for every gallon of water. The same with limeade and every other fruit juice “ade” out there.

  2. I will admit I don’t know that much about processes and ingredients .I don’t think frutose syrup is in tropicana, I will check it out. You sure make it sound like a water down drink.

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