Old harbour high students hauled off to jail

I have been writing a lot about the escalated BS going on in schools across Jamaica recently. The education minister said just last week that those students who break the law should be arrested as I mention in this entry Jamaican students under-arrest. Well It looks like it was not just talk but this is followed up by action. 

A recent newspaper story reports that some 15 students from the Old Harbour High school were arrested after police searched them and found several weapons including machetes, ice picks, knives. Now I am certain these boys were not carrying these offensive “tools” for home economics class. I notice that only this school has been targeted so far and I am waiting to see the traditional high school be treated the same way. 

A few were picked up at a nearby gaming shop. This comes as no surprise because it is common to see students in uniform roam the plazas at all hours in video games shops hammering away at the latest games on most graphically advanced consoles. These places are normally noisy and “frownsy”. 

I found this part of the story especially interesting. 

“While the lawmen were conducting the searches, a student approached them and pointed out a colleague whom he alleged stole his bag containing money and books. The boy was searched and $600 was found in his shoes. He was later charged with larceny.”

I can imagine a different out come if the police were not present. This guy would simply lose his bag and money and walk away. Or they might have started a fight and one of those machetes, ice picks, knives that they had would be used to cause some serious damage. There are some interesting pictures with this story. Click here to read it

I have to say that I am impressed by the no non-sense approach of this new government. I admire it a lot. People are being brought into line from top to bottom. You have Kern Spencer paying for the sins of the PNP, Trafigura is being investigated, I saw on television last night where a bunch of people ( tax evaders) walking out of court hiding their faces from the news camera with dockets, paper handbags after being dragged to court because of tax evasion. In this mix was Paul Burke a PNP insider who blamed the embarrassing situation on simple misunderstandings and his incompetent accountant who he swears to get his head. Earlier this year police raided several high profile dances and stage shows including birthday bash of Movado and recovered knives and guns. The most wanted list distributed where more than half has been captured, killed and two even gave themselves up.

 The new commish mention sometime ago that the police will be enforcing those little rule benders like no seat belt, no helmet , littering, noise among others. Some might ask why are the police spending time on all these little things while we record horrific murders daily? Well we as a country must make it clear that all laws are laws to be adhering to and we are all subject to prosecution when we bend them and break them. Jamaica generally has a very indiscipline culture and we need to all get back in line, in sanity, if not even by a lot then by a little.


~ by RB on March 6, 2008.

16 Responses to “Old harbour high students hauled off to jail”

  1. Good post! You have raised some very interesting points!RESPECT!!

  2. Thank you. I glad you see value in my writing.

  3. I graduated from old harbour high school in 2002 and i now line in london and i started hearing that the students mash up the school. I did not realise that it has gone that bad. If miss Black was still there that would have never happened. What happen to the parents. when i was going to school parents use to beat thier children out of game shops or shot them down a curtain time of the day. Sending then to prisen is not going to help then or necessaryly change anything.1) they should set up school that is run by the army 2)let then still do school work and exams, put then in hard labour, Let them work a farm in order to eat or get money, let then shine every arm personel boots, clean army trucks, let them rake up a few square mils of leaf on the windiest day of the of the year. At the end of it let write an essy as to who they were before, who they have become and who they want to be and that goes for both boys and girls.

  4. stacey those are some pretty harsh suggestion, although I have to disagree with you on the beating of children.Also I am don’t know who Miss Black was, obviously a former principal,but regardless who is in control todays children are totally different and the methods used to reach them must be different.

  5. it is sine of lately that children of the old harbour high school are getting out of hand. when i use to attend the old harbour high school at that time ms dorman and mr green were the acting principal, there weren’t so many bad repetition about the students, killing, robbery and all saughts of criminal acts. things have really changed.

  6. My son attended OH and I was appalled by the stories he frequently told me about the events taking place at the school all illegal. That the police is finally moved in to address the problem. I say they should go one step further and place a police post on campus.

  7. Old Harbour high has changed alot since i was, graduating in the class of 1998 . Yes like any other school that was misbehaving and fighting even with teachers but the extent that it has gone now is appalling. Ms Black was indeed one of if not the best VP that the school has ever had. Over the years there has been a police officer that is present at the school but what can 1 person do. I really hope a change can be made and it has to start from the home so that our schools can be a better place to develop the minds of children.

  8. let me intervene in this conversation, I’m Nevol Levy president of the student council body, prefect,and the student representative to the school board of Old Harbour high.The incident that took place at my school (OHHS) Old Harbour High was very unfortunate and sad. but this does not mean that Old Harbour High is a bad place, in-fact its one of the safest schools to attend. like every institution OHHS has its fair share of problems. To all of the pass students who made comments on this article Old Harbour High is in better condition than you left it which is a result of hard working students like myself and many others.To the parents who have student attending OHHS instead of bashing the institution come be apart of the PTA and help to make it better.

  9. jus to add on what mr president said. As a student of this noble institution O.H.H.S is not a bad school after all. despite all whats been said about these trouble student its not the only institution with children who pose these behaviours, its not the worst. these head of department is working hard to get rid of these trouble children. so O.H.H.s can strive.

  10. your comments are really irritating, considering most of you are all PAST students what happened in your day wont happen to the students of tomorrow, if a child grows in violence he learns violence, the majority of OH students come from violent areas so hence forth that violence is portrayed in the school. like Nevol i recently graduated from OHHS i acted as a Student Council Representative while i was there and what is needed is for parents to become more involved in the school by becoming apart of the PTA and past students can become apart of the OHHS Alumni to help the school become a better place.

  11. I am a student at the old harbour high school.I find that the students including myself sometimes are not treated in a respectable manner by some of the teachers.As for the weapons carried by students ‘p.b’ is defenately right they are not for class by for defence.Students sometimes feel treatened by other students,so most of them resort to violence ,which i don’t think is right.i think the only way to solve this problem is to make the students see a professional counciler and the teachers to respect them so the students to do the same.In some ways i do not think this will work but nothing beats trying.Big ups to my friends nicole guy ,patrice bailey and 2009 91b students and to my favourite teacher Mr.Mclaughing.And to our principal Mr Green we will miss you hope you have enjoyed working with us as hard as it can be.


  13. I am a former member of staff who taught at OHHS for ten years. OHHS is a mix of various backgrounds; therefore, one band-aid cannot fix all the problems that need to be addressed. I believe strongly that the purpose of school is to be educated. Many students have lost their focus, and have channeled their energies into the wrong areas. I have had students in the past who have “shut out” the issues that were administrative in nature and have done exceptionally well. Those students’ names will be mentioned over and over until the day I die, because they were great students.
    Not that they did not come from violent areas, but they saw education as their ticket out of the situation.
    My advice to students is go into the institution and get all you can. There are qualified teachers there to impart knowledge. Let administration deal with the big issues. Dont take them up on yourselves;that’s not your concern. It may sound “off”, but it can be done. OHHS is a great institution. Let’s strive to make it the greatest institution!!! After all, “wha nuh dead, nuh call it duppy.”

    A reminder to students: respect goes both ways. Don’t demand respect if you don’t give respect!! Respect yourself first. Whether you like someone or not; respect is still due.

  14. thank you C.T.Henry well said.

  15. Let me add the part about loosing focus is so true. Respect indeed goes both ways many students and teachers seem to forget that important fact, in some cases it must be earned

  16. I was told by two parents whose children went to ” a prominent high school in Kingston” that they send their children to OHHS saturday classes for Math and English and they got grade 1 and 2 respectively obviously the children were very weak in these aresa. I am looking about sending my son and niece to OHHS saturday class and they attend “Prominent” high school

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