Sex and violence reign supreme in Jamaican schools

The narrative is becoming way too consistent. Jamaican school children are killing each other at a whim. Having sex in public and recording it on cell phones. Again this week another student killed by his peer and another sex tape emerges. Teenagers, cell phone, a knife, egos with much to prove and sexually charges. The latest victim in this fatal mix is a 15 year old student at Bellefield High School. While another corperate area school is embarrassed by a sex tape captured on cell phone of students having sex on a stair case.

“Police said yesterday that young Lushane-Wright, a resident of Lincoln District just outside Mandeville, was stabbed at the Beaumont Comprehensive High when he got into a fight with the Beaumont student. The two were said to have had a “long standing dispute”. The alleged killer has been taken into custody by the police.

A teenaged boy who told journalists he had witnessed the incident said Lushane-Wright had actually come to him to “collect a (cellular) phone”.

The eyewitness said after collecting the phone, Lushane Wright waited at the gate of the school for the other boy who he claimed had wronged him at some point previously. According to the eyewitness, Lushane-Wright who was not dressed in his “school shirt” pulled a cutlass from “im back” and slapped the Beaumont student with it. Lushane-Wright also kicked the other boy, the eyewitness said.

The other boy then pulled a knife and stabbed Lushane-Wright, the eyewitness said.”

———–The Jamaica Observer

It appears the aggressor was also the victim, sad indeed. Again a cell phone was in the mix here although it is not clear if the confrontation was about the phone or something else. Just last year another student in Montego Bay was also stabbed and killed for a cell phone and this year at the Green Pond High another was stabbed and killed for a T square.

I am not sure but didn’t say they are going to ban phones in school?.

Not that removing all cell phones from schools will solve all problems. They play major witness to school yard sex tapes where schoolers play starring roles. They then upload it online proudly for the world to see.

It appears cell phones are causing more problems rather than making life easier. They are causing conflicts that lead to murder. I was watching Prime Time News the other evening and saw principals of Calabar, Jamaica College, Kingston College and other security personnel held a press conference to denounce the expected violence at champs this year. Even in sport which is supposed to be friendly rivalry will turn to insults, flying missiles and blood. It was at champs last year that the so called”blue tooth express” was born.

One of the principal appears to be pleading for peace. It sounded like a surrender plead. In the Bellefield High School stabbing incident the principal at that school said students will get counseling. I recently saw where the ministry of education was going to remove some text books that for years depicted sexual language from schools.

Maybe I am expecting too much and maybe these new measures will work to a certain extent, but they seem to be short term bandage on a cultural problem in all sectors of Jamaican society. It is really amusing to see the media and everyone else act outrage wondering where all this behavior is coming from.

Barbara Gloudon had an interesting column about the whole fracas in schools at the link below. In her comments she made a very important point that is easy to miss with all this going on. The majority of our children in school are ok, its just a few reckless and shameless idiots that shame an entire institution. Also an article written in the Jamaica Gleaner goes into more details about the latest sex tapes and the Bellefield High stabbing incident in the Jamaica Observer.

Pornography in the schoolyard

Bellefield student knifed to death

Sex in schools a growing problem


~ by RB on March 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Sex and violence reign supreme in Jamaican schools”

  1. lushane story is nuting like dat unu jus luv chat an nuh knw nuten a hate unu bout fone em neva go fi nuh fone unu use unu stinkin mouth 2mch!!!!!!!! me bex a me bestfren dat

  2. what was it about

  3. i think cell phones should be collected at the school gate then returnend after school becaus who knows what can happen on the way from school i think the goverment should try to over look this problem on the other hand when am at school and i want a call i have to be all over the school trying to get a call because the phones they have are only used to make land line calls

  4. Most people would oppose taking away phones from students. It is useful and also a problem. Where do we find the balance?

  5. Lushane was one of two of my bestfirnds, the story posted here is a not tru.. ova phone?????!!! oh come on now!!!. while reading this tears came to my eyes….. kmt.. THE LORD SEES AND KNOWS SO I HAVE NOT A-THING TO SEH

  6. as to the veracty of the problem i can’t say. however, it is sad that the sanctity of life has reached the level of a a’sweetie Paper”. it’s heart rending to constantly hear of these atrocities in Jamaica land we love. i shudder at the thought of having my child attending certain accademic institutions in jamaica. parents grow your child in the proper way and when he or she becomes older he or she shall not depart.

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