Ready set FIGHT!!!

I gotta give credit to the Jamaica Star for the above caption. Makes for interesting reading about the arming of schools competing in CHAMPS at the national stadium in Kingston. There is a link to the story at the end of this post.

Another interesting development on this issue is the training of teachers to be special constable, this is merely an “idea” floated at the ministry of education according to the minister. I think this idea is being adopted from the Bahamas who has a similar system in their schools. There was an interesting debate the United States sometime ago about arming teachers. It was especially at its peak after the Virginia Tech shooting. Personally I don’t like either ideas but I can certainly see the reason.

Never in my wildest predictions could I have imagined these things. I think a new society is slowly emerging out of the need for security, this is being reflected in our schools. In the not too distant future there will be more need for IDs, metal detectors,scanners and security cameras. The link to the story below.

Ready set FIGHT!!!, Cops prepare for Champs war <———-Jamaica Star

Also ,the letter of the day on the Jamaica Gleaners website dishes out a dose of reality   for anyone who is in doubt. In this letter the author recounts the conversation with a student about certain behavior that were being exhibit by peers and the response was that.

“a long time dat a gwaan”

A sentiment I express here more than once in my previous posts about state of schools in Jamaica. Click here to read the letter.


~ by RB on March 13, 2008.

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