Jamaica 2-Trinidad & Tobago 2

It is the 75th minute as I write this post I already decide on my caption “Jamaica 2, Trinidad 0”. Like a dagger to my heart the announcer on the radio screams the unwavering “gooooaal”. Trinidad scores. I am listening to this match on Radio 2 FM (no live television broadcast)and I can imagine that the Jamaican team is comfortable with the score and being complacent. I was right the announcer says the defense was on the field in a group form doing what appear to be a discussion in the middle of the game.

90th minute Trinidad and Tobago scores again. Double dagger to my heart. I don’t swear but the expletives I am tempted to unearth is uncharacteristic of me. The referee adds 2 minutes stoppage time and if he added more time it probably would have been Jamaica 2 Trinidad and Tobago 3. As the announcer says “the Jamaican defense went to sleep”. Instead of extending their lead on the socca warriors they became content and lazy. Again I will have to change the caption on my blog “Jamaica 2 Trinidad & Tobago 2”.

This is how I started of my blog before the game changed:

“The reggae boyz gave the socca warriors a scathing beating at the office tonight. I have been waiting for this game a long time………….”

In my opinion if the socca warriors (Trinidad & Tobago) comes to the office(Jamaica/ National stadium) and draw the game, then I think we lost and they won. Nothing less than a sound beating at the office could constitute a win.

I read online that Captain Burrell comment before the match that Jamaica was on a “revenge mission” against Trinidad and Tobago for the thrashing they gave us in the Sanford 2/20 cricket match played over a month ago. The trash talking is always humorous to me. This is what he told the Jamaica Observer a couple hours before the game.

“We all remember what happened just a few weeks ago in Antigua in the 20/20. Our cricketers were humbled by the Trinidad & Tobago team. But let me tell you, the Reggae Boyz have not forgotten that and they’ve decided to hand it back to T&T.”

All I can is HA!!

I guess its revenge times two now, Trinidad betta watch dem back.

I once read in a book that offense causes the game but defense wins the game.


~ by RB on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jamaica 2-Trinidad & Tobago 2”

  1. Nice piece of writing, though the revenge didn’t go as expected. Glad that it ended how it did.

    Trini in Jamaica

  2. I am waiting for the re-match. I expect Jamaica to win

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