The jamaica star -where is the beef?

I have been reading the Jamaica Star a lot recently and I will admit I find many of the stories interesting. Today I stumbled on to their website and as always they had a big leading headline that is sure to draw a curious eye “UNDERAGE BOYS SELLING ORAL SEX”. So I click on the link to read the story.

As the headline says young boys are selling oral sex to older women. As I read through this story I began to realize it’s shallow and empty with no substance. Not that I doubt the truthfulness of the story, but I expected a more in-depth investigative report that is not base largely on rumor.

I know the story was going nowhere when the entire first half of the page was spent boring the reader with interviews with Detective Corporal Jeffery Wilkins of the Area Four police and Deputy Superintendent Herfa Beckford head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse ( CISOCA) who both basically said the same thing that its hard to charge a person because of the arrangements between the participants and those caught will be severely prosecuted blah, blah blah same old same.

After reading what the police had to say about the issue, it was clear that they did know much. No one arrested, no reported cases, false alarm. I read on thinking that the next step would be the communities where these acts are talking place and interviews with those directly involved.

The Star mention this was happening in sections of the “Corporate Area and St. Catherine”, a fairly large area. They went on to say

“Upon visiting these communities, the allegations were easily confirmed. Residents of Tredegar Park in St. Catherine”

Here it sounded like there were doubts about the happenings “easily confirm”. By who you may ask. Not by any of the participants.

Even after visiting “these communities” they only mention Tredegar Park. What about the others especially in the Corporate Area. This makes me think this act of young boys selling oral sex to older women is not as wide spread and huge as they would want us to believe. The shock sensational headline is used as bait to the reader only to see there is absolutely no substance to the story.

Not one of main players in this story was interviewed. Where are these young boys, where are these older women. Why couldn’t they be interviewed so we can understand better what drives such behavior. What about interviewing a child psychologist or sex therapists to gauge a better understanding of these individual.

Selling newspapers must be hard when you are trying hard to shock the potential reader almost daily. The truth is there is not always a shocking story everyday. My guess is that some have to hype and sensationalize a chicken back story.

I know I am not asking for too much. All I want is a little depth, a little substance. For a leading story on the front page the reader at least deserve depth, not causal generalizations based far and large on rumor.

Come on Staarie, do better than that.


~ by RB on March 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “The jamaica star -where is the beef?”

  1. Star = SHOCK and SENSATIONALISM, otherwise very vacuous, although immensely and extremely popular with the functional literates.RESPECT!!

  2. I read the star sometimes and it makes for interesting reading. I just expect a little more from a front page story. I imagine people who buy a Star bass on a bold headline must be disappointed

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