Everywhere I go they find me

Heard this song on the radio and it stuck in my head. I find myself singing snippets of it at the cooler at work and near the cubicle of  a few people at work. If I come on here one evening posting that I got fired it might be because of this . (LOL).

I am not a big Serani fan. This is the only song I know that he sing on the drum lane riddim.A special dedication to hypocrites,parasites and bad mind.

Elle is in this one.


~ by RB on April 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Everywhere I go they find me”

  1. I like this song. I don’t think he’s the most talented singer, but he has a nice vibe.

  2. I agree

  3. Interesting lyrics, suggesting a level of social consciousness and awareness.Also,very catchy!! RESPECT!

  4. Hot riddim, the first part of the song is nice. Elephant man is tight but the riddim on that part of the track is not as hot.

  5. […] song has been playing on the radio for a while now. The last Serani video I posted was this one eight months […]

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