Kingston 62-pilsner beer

The alien green bottle one have been sitting on the door shelf of my fridge for days now and I skillfully ignore it opting instead for apple juice, wata, or pineapple orange tru-juice. The truth is I don’t really like beer.

Flashback to just a few days earlier. I scope out the liquor isle of the supermarket going up and down up and down. The people inside there must have thought I was mad. For a guy who doesn’t really like beer I couldn’t find one that I hadn’t already tried. The same old faces. One look and I could taste it. Then I saw “Kingston”.

Funny I thought to myself. Its name is apart of my blog.

Bing….. light bulb. (the energy saving one without the scandal) blog idea.

I examined the labeling on the bottle, it seem to parade its Jamaicaness. If the other beers where auditioning for the part, then “Kingston 62 pilsner” won. It didn’t win because of anything other than pure curiosity on my part. It was different and new and I wanted to try it.

I wonder what it tastes like? There is something mysterious about Kingston 62 pilsner. I can not remember seeing one advertisement for it anywhere. It must be new I thought to myself. After much googling through cyberspace I was surprise they had a Wikipedia page here. Not much on it though, about three lines that it. It did tell me however that this beer has been out in the market since November 2006. Wow and I never heard of it.

Am I really that far under the rock and out of touch?. Tomorrow I will ask a few folks at work if they ever had this beer.

They also have an official website. True rude Jamaican brew

Kingston 62 pilsner is brewed by Lascelles brand. They are proud to be 100% brewed exclusively in Jamaica. I though all local beers where 100% brewed in Jamaica.

Although curious I let it sit untouched for days. Each visit to the fridge had me playing ignore the green one on the door. Pretend as if you don’t see it. Know me I would ignore it until everything else was finish and it was the only one left. Against my worst judgment I actually surprised my self and pulled the fridged green one from its corner.

As I opened Kingston 62 pilsner that familiar beer aroma fill my nostrils. I smelled it and could tell that it was really not much different from the others. I taste it and my initial guess was confirmed. If you like Heineken then that’s what Kingston 62 pilsner tastes like.


~ by RB on April 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kingston 62-pilsner beer”

  1. There is no association with Lasco and Lascelles. Two different companies.

  2. thanks for the correction

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