The alarmist editorial in the Jamaica Observer about school murders

Yesterday I wrote about the horrific murder of a schooler in front of the Transport center in Half-Way-Tree. Today in the Jamaica Observer there was a letter in the Jamaica Observers editorial that looked at the magnitude and boldness of the young killers who carried out the mob stabbing. I think it’s an interesting read simply because it draws attention to an issue I personally think we don’t take seriously. I am borrowing a word from the writer “alarmist”. The editorial seems to be reluctant to say it’s alarming based on the use of the word by starting the editorial with “We don’t want to sound alarmist”. To me this is a colossal alarm when children start killing each other.

The questions are, why not sound the alarms now. Maybe we are waiting until they start shooting each other at schools on a regular basis like in United States before we act. Maybe the alarm will have no bearing by then.

I guess we have to wait until the problem turns for the absolute worst before we act. To be fair to the Ministry of Education Andrew Holness he seem to be very vocal and active in dealing with what has emerged as a very challenging portfolio. Still more urgent action is needed. The editorial takes aim at the new government who in my observation has done nothing significantly different in terms of fighting crime, knowing clearly while in opposition the magnitude of the problem.

Jamaicans have become numb to the daily murders, nothing surprise or scare us. Clearly students killing students in Jamaica is a new turn for the absolutely worst. It’s a new trend on a regular basis now. So far this year Green Pond High School and Jamaica College have seen students kill each other with the knife. I wonder where is the outrage, where is the strong condemnation from more influential people in the media and public life. This particular incident was not widely reported in the media nor discussed seriously in other media. Why aren’t parents brought to take more responsibility for their children who rain terror on other students and society as a whole.

Click here to read the editorial.


~ by RB on April 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “The alarmist editorial in the Jamaica Observer about school murders”

  1. Scary thought that is! Alas it is true what you say though…. they always act when it’s too late… as it’s easy to look at it in hindsight but so difficult to do priot to it getting worse!

    Sometimes we in countries (australia in my case) were gun fights in schools are non-existant and knife attacks rarely lead to murder, take these things for granted :X

    Anyway, kind regards! You keep up the great blog though!


  2. Pkay, thank you for your comments. Its good to know you don’t have this problem in Australia. We only having these problems recently and I think we should fix it now before it gets worst. I can tell you it is already getting worst

  3. Well said Dutty Bwoy! RESPECT!!

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