FAME FM’s Uncensored discusses sex in jamaican high schools

Last week Monday I was listening to FAME FM’s uncensored which was discussing sex in schools. They were discussing the pervasiveness of sex in Jamaican schools. They had a young energetic panel and a discussion which was lively with many view points and some worrying revelations. Although I was hearing many of the sexipodes that occur in schools for the first time, none of it surprised me.

As I have said here many times on this blog that the trend of our “schoolers” in Jamaica are very troubling. The use of cell phones to video sex acts are now a common theme. Many school children reaching are for Hollywood status in the most humiliating way possible in sex tapes. The funny thing about it is that even when one of these sex tape come out and there is a big uproar about it, another one resurface soon after. This simply means that Jamaican High schools are not deterred or just don’t care about the “noise a dem head”. The celebrities shamed on the first episodes does not prevent others from following suite, in fact it seems to have inspired by others to star, direct , produce and distribute their own little copycat versions of sex in the school.

There was one particular part of the uncensored talk show that I found interesting and it got me thinking. One guest said that sex in schools are nothing new and have been happening for a long time now. The simple fact is that this is true.

The only difference is that now it is being emboldened by technology, things like camera phones and the internet. This is where the argument of evolution comes in. In one generation of children the playboy magazine with the salacious images of sex was popular. Much of the sex was and still available on cable television, but cell phones where not so readily available.

The evolution argument is that in the current generation of “schoolers” a simple erotic magazine is almost obsolete. The use of camera phones coupled with the use of the internet has facilitate further expose sex in schools. In the age of youtube- they follow the mantra “broadcast yourself”. It is the human network that is now on display.

On the program it was discussed some will wait for special buses. The tinted coaster of school children riding to the music or even watching a porn DVD is well known in some quarters. Lately in the news the authorities has warned promoters of parties about admitting children into the dancehall. There have been pictures and videos of children being encouraged to dance and get on like adults in these adult settings. Remember that we do have a kiddie carnival. /even the Disney stars are taking off their clothes. How old are the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus of the world?.

Are we making too much of this?

To Some people these things are thought of as funny, cute or just innocent fun. After all we have kiddie carnival. It is no wonder that so many children find their sexual identity at such an early age. They feel the need to literally act out these desires. Although its not funny when some child advocacy person said that parents had to be called in after their children was caught doing something under the desk?.

Should we laugh or be surprise.

While listening to Uncensored a caller to the show proudly proclaimed to have watched porn with his daughters. This was in his words an effort to “teach them” about sex. Although this is the extreme it does makes you wonder how many other parents do things like these. Simply put the evolution argument is that if school children who has long graduated had the same technology then the result would be the same as today.

Today there is easy access of pornographic DVDs, internet porn and the music, places sex at all relevant focal point of today’s youths. Society on a hold is more liberal about sex. Sex is glorified with the most outrageous getting the most limelight.

Another argument I hear is that instead of “evolution of sex in schools”, we now have simply deviant behavior. The entire phenomenon is an extreme abnormal behavior, or is it?.

If these acts were happening for a long time now without sanction and knowledge or suspicion of well thinking adults, how can it suddenly be termed “deviant” now? I personally think that the evolution argument and the deviant argument all play a substantive narrative in the argument about sex in schools.

One guest on the show said that it’s a “revolution”. I tend to disagree with this point because as I said earlier this is not new. The truth is that there were signs of these things a long time ago. The government, media, schools and parents has ignored it and still are.

It’s almost comical watching the reaction to these things now. Even with the evidence right in our faces the urgency to act is still uninspiring. Parents are in denial, schools cover up school sex scandals out of shame and to prevent damage to their good names. The media up until lately has ignored these stories. The government has moved to ban certain books from schools which they consider to be sexual in nature.

Poor little “Becka Lamb”. The good literature book have become a victim of wild erratic circular firing from the Ministry of Education among other education scholars who simply don’t know what to do. They are simply attacking soft targets while ignoring real societal problems that are bigger obvious causes of the sex acts in school.

I learned from listening to Uncensored that the government is preparing The Child Pornography Act. This is focus on targeting people who share, forward sex tapes, pictures whatever of children engaged in sex acts. As usual the bigger heads are playing catch up. From what I gathered this is in direct response to the rounds being made of Jamaica’s school children having sex tapes. The sharing, forwarding of such material will simply become criminal.

I hope they don’t think this is going to solve the problem.

Its always interesting to here the church especially get in all mighty glory and condemn the government on things like casino gambling and abortion but ignore an important problem that they should have a direct role in correcting such as sex in schools and the mindless stabbings and beatings which are resulting in deaths.

Although I don’t get to listen to Uncensored every Monday night I am glad I caught this one. I is always good when people bring attention to these problems by atleast talking about it. They might have already covered violence is schools which I might have missed. If they haven’t I think this is one topic to be discussed also.


~ by RB on May 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “FAME FM’s Uncensored discusses sex in jamaican high schools”

  1. I think we need to move past this now, it can’t be stopped. The mindset has shifted and moved beyond the conservative one in days gone by, and it cannot be reclaimed because such a mindset does not mesh with a modern capitalist world where most of us are consumers, and happy to be consumers. This is human nature. SO while i do not condone underage sex, or sex in schools, it’s time to leave the morality battle to the parents, and just encourage safe sex. We cannot lock off that which has begun.

  2. interesting views, I agree things have changed, but the question now if we are going to accept this how will it be controlled so that 12 year olds don’t drop out of school because of pregnancy or high STD’s among a very young part of the population.

    There are many repercussions to this


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