Marcus Garvey Techs lesson: Attempted murder in the classroom

You would think that by now no one would be surprise at what is happening in our schools but indeed it is. Marcus Garvey Technical located in St Ann birth place of national hero Marcus Garvey who the school is named after was the scene of what was clearly an attempt to damage if not kill a fellow student in a daring daylight classroom intrusion by bold killers students.

Shortly after a teacher launched off into her science lesson bright and early Tuesday morning, the lesson was abruptly interrupted by two boys who invaded the classroom with their face hidden behind masks. One of the boys wore karki whilst the second was dressed in plain clothes. The one wearing plain clothes clutch a knife in his hand.

Can you imagine the total fear and anxiety that must have filled the air of those 11 graders and a teacher by now must have come to expect anything in her line of work.

After the two intruders entered the classroom, the boy wearing the karki pointed out another boy seated in the class there by identifying him. The intruder wearing plain clothes then approached the schooler and stabbed him repeatedly. The rest of the class who was now clearly aware of intent and danger scrambled screaming in wild chaos to exit the hell that was unfolding.

After satisfying their thirst for blood the intruders made good on their escape though a hole in the fence to the side of the school.

The principal has described the victim as “well behaved”. His name has not been released in the media however it was reported on television that his injuries are serious and life threatening as he has a puncture to one of his lungs.

Just two weeks ago students and parents protested the return of Principal Lesley Riley who was on eight months vacation. This caused quite the uproar at the school making national news with footage on television looking like the Israelis and Palestine fighting on the West Bank. I am not exaggerating either, police tear gas , students throwing stones at the school officials and police after they podlock the gates of the school. If parents are cheering, sponsoring and taking part such events with their children, then why should we be surprised at incidents of bold attack on other students and teachers?

The Braeton primary and junior high school in Portmore was robbed after a 15 year student at the school along with 4 other of his friends who were past students destroyed a section of the roof of the school before day and stole computer equipment from the schools’ recently refurbish computer lab. Apparently the school was already robbed several times quite possibly by these same students and past students. The police from the 100 man police station in Portmore were quick to apprehend the boys. Prime Time News showed footage on television of the “suspects” of course the camera only show hands an feet and protected the identity of the criminals. I always wonder why they do that.

Just this past weekend before this incident I heard the Minister of Education saying that, and I paraphrase. If you breach the laws of the land you will face the laws of the land. He also made it clear that schoolers like the two who invaded the classroom in this story will not hide behind that school and face school punishment— I couldn’t agree more.

There is no mention of any suspects with regard to the stabbings at Marcus Garvey Tech but in a school environment this should not be especially difficult to solve. The sad part about this is that there will be copycat incidents to follow this one. The incident of stabbings and beatings has become a sudden and familiar narrative in Jamaican high schools and it does not seem to be getting any better. I hate to even say this but with guns becoming more and more accessible to youth each day imagine the horror that might have been unleashed on a whole classroom fill with other people’s children.

This is extremely important and efforts to curb it before it get out of hand is literally a national emergency, sadly few people see that. Some are in denial and pretend it’s not true. Until it affects them or their children them directly.


~ by RB on May 16, 2008.

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