10 Jamaican websites about investment & money

This is my list of Jamaican 10 websites about finances and investment news. I can testify from the search words people use to find my blog that that investment especially with the alternative investment saga in Jamaica at the moment are well on peoples mind.

I pick a few from my own bookmarks and a few I googled just for this post. I especially like the blog sites because that are updated more frequently with comments from visitors and quite frankly it has a lot of details you wouldn’t find in the main stream media.

1. Jamaica Investment Watch: Cash Plus, Olint, May Daisy etc.

A comprehensive look at alternative investment in Jamaica.

2. News about Cash Plus in Jamaica

One of the three websites on this list about alternative investment in Jamaica. This website is a blog and reading the comments are telling what people are thinking, overall informative.

3. Online Fx Trading

I found this website after Silicon Caribe did a feature on the website. I am always very interested in websites that talk about forex trading on a personal note. Sort of like a diary and I was especially glad that it’s a Jamaican forex site. I however disappointed lately because of the sparse updates. I still go back though looking for more.

4. High Yield Source – Index

One of the very few forums solely dedicated to investment in Jamaica (at least what I know of). A little money community to talk about the latest investment, business news and controversies with member with similar interests.

5. Cash + Investment

A great site to read the latest about Cash Plus and other investment news in Jamaica

6. Maximizing Wealth

If you want to know what people are talking about in terms of Cash Plus, Olint, Lewfam, Worldwise and all the other buzz about alternative investment in Jamaica, this is a great site to bookmark. People are frank and open here and you can learn so much you wouldn’t know from watch the news or reading the news paper.

7. Jamaica Stock Exchange

If you follow stocks you can get daily updates about the Jamaican stock exchange here.

8. Todays Money

I always here a program on radio called “today’s money”. It’s a short little package of local business news. The website is ummm, ok I guess.

9. Jamaica Business Calendar

This website is not very useful to me but it might be useful to you. It’s a calendar of business events.

10. Scotia DB&G Brokerage page

Scotia gobbled up DB&G recently and made a lot of changes. I am glad they kept this brokerage page which I think has the best profile and detail analysis on companies listed on the Jamaican Stock Exchange.

Do you know any websites that you would recommend?


~ by RB on May 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “10 Jamaican websites about investment & money”

  1. Hey Dutty Bwoy, thanks very much for the websites about investment and money in Jamaica.RESPECT!

  2. glad you like the list, most of all I hope you find them useful.

  3. I have found that DB&G’s analysis is not always current and so it makes me suspecious of their data, but otherwise its a great site.

  4. before Scotia bought DB&G the info seems current to me. The Jamaica Stock Exchange # 7 will provide similar info about stocks, they must update everyday.

  5. Check the stock price on GK. DB&G data is not accurate, and that is just one of the few that I have noticed.

  6. hey dutty bwoy whats the latest on the stcks down there how’s the economical stabilty in reguards to the bail out the US needs

  7. […] 10 Jamaican websites about investment & money […]

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