Tales of the Jamaican sex tapes-take one

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to blog about this sex tape thing, but I can’t help it. I have been reading other blogs and entertainment sites with great fascination with these tapes .The amount of Google search words finding my blog also goes to show that peeps are looking high and low to feast their eyes of famous faces in sexual prowess, “Jamaican sex tapes” is the preferred phrase. The milk has been spilt , Johnny from Lime Tree Lane makes one love with Bob Marley’s grand daughter and now outtaroad.com who buss di tape or news about milk now has a video of D’ Angel having a good time in the dancehall.

Someone spill the milk and left a mess all over the place and now two well know media types are upset about the sad realities of taping their delight in felliacio in their private time.

I read a few blogs and most folks are cautious to say its Milk from CVM-TV’s, Hip Strip and although the video does not show the guy face its reported as DJ Liquid from Zip FM who are in a long term relationship. I turned to the Hip Strip yesterday evening only to see Candice doing hosting duties. I like Candice but the Milk just flows better. That unique voice and manufactured hype is her trade mark. Even though I don’t watch the show there was no need to take her off air because of this. After all she did nothing wrong. Man and woman record private moment on camera phone, phone gets lost/stolen, someone find phone, see the video and start spread it all over the place.

I read a statement on yardflex.com where Milk seeks to defend herself, she mentions her son who is in high school. I can tell you that this can not be easy at all, good thing school soon give holiday, but you can’t cry over spilt milk. Its all out there now.

We all see that Johnny from Lime Tree Lane has grown up to be a big boy. I saw this video which clearly show face of the cash pot “Pick three” ads on TV and print and also“comedy bus” getting it on with a co star who in my estimation is a decent videographer, the great Bob Marley grand daughter . With foot on chest and gyrating locks makes for simple viewing.

To be honest all these sex tapes are for the most part boring and uninteresting, the only reason they are getting so much attention is because they have celebrities, otherwise its nothing much. I don’t know if its intentional or not but these tapes can have a boost to the careers of these celebs. The Paris Hylton sex tapes with the green night vision looked like they were having sex in Iraq. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones are probably more famous for their not so tamed home videos, Ray J did his thing with a very hot Kim Kardashian who like Paris is famous for being famous and just last week R Kelly was acquitted after being charged for having sex with a minor, the video played major witness in this also.

Britney is rumored to have left her cut on the editors floor.

If you ask me I think most of these tapes are released intentionally by the stars, notice I said MOST. As I said earlier this is a career booster. For those who get embarrassed I am sorry. Most of these tapes are discovered when they are stolen or lost. I don’t remember but wasn’t the Pamela Anderson video stolen from their home?, Remember when that video came out about school boys who sexually assaulted the girl in the pastor’s van?. That was revealed after the laptop which had the video was sent for repair. The Dj’s phone was lost or stolen hence the milk got spill and just recently Britney Spears sex tapes were stolen.

The ambassador’s tape remains largely a secret, maybe because there are a lot of big names on it. From what I have seen in the press apparently the Peter King was a lot less diplomatic than what was expected which might have resulted in his final out come, also remember Kyno from raising star playing bathroom buddies with a ras.

Not to pat myself on the back but I did predict in my post “10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008” that we will be seeing a lot more of these Jamaican sex tapes.

That’s why when I make my sex tape I will ensure to keep it in a safe place and not walk around with it on my phone and show my friends to boast my ego. 🙂 🙂


~ by RB on June 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “Tales of the Jamaican sex tapes-take one”

  1. All of a sudden sex tape has become a career booster. Signs of the times we live in! Mek sure yuh lack your sex tape dem inna one bank vault! LMAO! Excellent writing! Paulette

  2. Paulette, I will make sure to lock it away somewhere very safe …LOL

  3. oh lord, at least it’s not just me who thinks these blasted tapes are only okay verging on downright boring…and maybe the sex tapes in the US are career boosters…but here, they’re not. Which is total crap, I don’t see why what people do in their private time should affect their jobs, but whatever…not like everyone not having sex anyway.

  4. people will always like to make things bigger and more interesting than it really is or what ever reasons. you are right about the career booster comment. In Jamaica the celebrity culture is not as hyped up as in the States, especially if you are not a DJ.

    Truth is though we follow everything America does and it is catching up on us

  5. yo dem shouldnt fire di girl (ifa daT dem (CVM) duh…im jus assuming ere…)…dis jus shows how narrow minded to growth & changes we really are (ironic…considering my comment)…..
    not to mention this decision reflects vividly our own hypocrisy.. as aforementioned earlier…yuzimmi..

  6. I don’t think they should fire her, I don’t think they have. They took her off air though.

  7. First of all they shouldn’t have fired her. Second of all Jamaicans need to stop acting like we all don’t do oral sex, a Jamaican man turned me the hell out, so we need to stop pretending.
    Now Johnny and the girl, I wonder if they bus the video themselves so people can stop call him B@tty man.

  8. The more people strongly people deny something, the more they themselves become curious about the strength of their own denial. A good position to adopt is that most people will try most things most of the time, if noone is looking or they are sure they won’t get caught. That should end all questioning about who does what when. They probably did, and if they didnt, they probably will. End of story.

  9. well said Long Bench

  10. i never know people could get fired fe dat wat a bunch a ignorance

  11. Children, some as young as 10 and 11 years old, are engaged in prostitution like these ladies above and left. (Observer library photos)AN International Labour Organisation (ILO) study on the worst forms of child labour in Jamaica has unearthed a disturbing practice of widespread prostitution by children, some as young as 10 years old, in six of the island’s 14 parishes.

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  14. I love to see see movie

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