Sex Tapes-Fame-FM’s Uncensored takes two

Tonight I caught Fame FM’s uncensored half way through the show; as usual the panel was bright and full of vibes. The conversation was lively and engaging. They were talking about the Jamaican sex tapes.

Some parts of the discussion I found interesting were the point made that society “Jamaica” has become sick because of this great interest in people having sex , its not just Jamaica and it doesn’t just stop there. There is a general need to see live human events, for example when that mad man sat on the outside window, of the 5th floor of the Kingston Public Hospital people gathered with phone in hand to tape the suicide attempt with chants for him to jump. Then you have people at some of the most horrific motor vehicle accidents with cell phones in hand, taking pictures and tapes of the mangled remains.

With all of this, there is no surprise that there is this deep interest in people having sex because it is a part of the general phenomenon not just in Jamaica. During the discussion on Fame-FM a great deal of the time was spend bashing the media. It’s always funny when the media citizens themselves because they are denouncing the very same act they are promoting. As media one guest Faye said, the “trash papers” so called tabloids should be blamed a lot for this great interests in sex tapes. The tabloids she said create interests and fuel the fire, I don’t know if I agree with that entirely.

These tapes are long circulated online and on phones even before the Star or X news write about them. Even if you get a copy of one of these papers with the sensational headlines the report is so vague because they don’t want to call any names. It might become a little more forth coming after others have called names and embolden others-by that time the full story is circulated online, also friends have already heard and shared the whole story.

As much as people might want to blame the media for allegedly fueling the fire of sex tapes, the truth is it is the enormous interest by the public that helps notarize sex tapes. Editors want to sell papers and yes if stories about sex tapes catch the fish then the story shall be the hook.

Many of these sex tapes are found online. No more is the big paper boys leading the story but instead online entertainment sites like,, among many other independent blogs sets their own agenda for the story. I think more and more the content online will be the driving force for information in Jamaica as it is a worldwide trend. While main stream media might shy away from calling names or even showing pictures, online the landscape is way less formal. While the papers play shy and dodge libel law suits online the landscape is less structured, faceless, there are no fact checking, editorial controls or responsibility.

I mention in my first post about sex tapes that many people both local and in the states deliberately leak sex tapes to boost their careers. While listing to uncensored it came as no surprise that several C-list celebrities are planning on releasing there own sex tapes to see if they can get a much needed boost to their career.

Stay tuned there is more to come.

An important point was made that no one seem to be practicing safe sex in these tapes, where are the condoms?. Sometimes in all the hype and spectacle we forget there these are still real people with real lives with real percussions, at least those who didn’t want their private lives public. I have spoken with some folks and even some of the guests on uncensored tonight that are so high and mighty and extremely judgmental ready to give lectures on what people should and shouldn’t do. While some of us rave and pray for misery.

As one guest from the X News said, keep the sex tapes coming Jamaica, we need to sell more papers.

Can you blame him?


~ by RB on June 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sex Tapes-Fame-FM’s Uncensored takes two”

  1. It is interesting how we crave what is considered forbidden or taboo. We crave the unusual because we feel our life is too bland. We live lives of quiet desperation, craving for more, for that which is different …

  2. I wonder really what can really fill this void that most people have. Some have so much “things”, but really have nothing. Is spirituality the answer to that. People will always want to find something “interesting” or “exciting”

  3. The void can be filled with being surrounded with ideas and practices that allow people to explore what they think and believe, along with others. That’s why we need to create more opportunities for people to get together to do more than wine up demself or jump on the mob wagon. Nuttn naah gwa’an inna dis ya place whe’ everybody can just participate in without having to have a car, or nuff money.

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