Barack Obama “CHANGE” like green lizard

“You know, this election is about trust, and trusting people’s word and unfortunately, apparently, on several items, Sen. Obama’s word cannot be trusted.”

———John McCain——-

I find myself agreeing with John McCain. I need a head scan.

I have been a strong supporter of Senator Barack Obama long before he became the so call rock star that he is today. As a political junkie I first became aware of Obama at the 2004 Democratic convention where even from that time the media hyped and lorded his keynote speech even before he opened his mouth. At the time he was running as a democrat from Illinois for the US senate. The speech was absolutely brilliant. I remember getting a copy of it and reading it again after seeing him deliver it on television, yes I was that INSPIRED.

Fast forward to 2008, the theme is the same. No more red states, blue states he says. No more politics that divides us, no more politicking based on what polls and focus groups. “Lobbyists will not run my white house” he says.

Wow, is he for real?

After winning the Democratic nomination earlier this month I have seen a sharp change in Obama. In Jamaica we would say a change like green lizard. Democrats in the US senate has fought long and hard against Bush illegal domestic wiretap and immunity for telecoms who hook up the federal government for a listening ear to peoples conversations. Obama himself supported this opposition. All of a sudden he wants to give telecom companies immunity from civil prosecution.

Last week when the US supreme court ruled that the ban in hand guns in urban areas like DC was unconstitutional and infringed upon the first amendment , the right to bear arms. Obama supported the wacko ruling despite being for hand gun bans and supporting stricter gun laws.

Again last week the US supreme court rule that child rapists should not be executed Obama sided with this ultra loony right wing nutty idea that yes the death penalty should apply to cases other than murder.

What is even more worrying than anything is Obama’s new stance of financing his campaign. After making consistent statements during the primary that he will “sit down with McCain” to work out a way they can both accept federal funding. The $85 Million provided by government helps keep lobbyists and special interests at bay. After realizing that he can raise way more money through small donors online Barack Obama has CHANGED his mind and no longer want to sit down with John McCain to talk about keeping lobbyists out.

What good is a man’s word?

What is happening to this guy? As much as I would love to see a black guy become president, if I had a vote in the presidential elections I would find it extremely hard voting for a person who holds these views and is such a flip flopper, but not only that. I feel like he is doing a classic bait and switch on the electorate. It makes me think really can he be trusted to do what he says he will do. He said he will end the war in Iraq but there are subtle clues even from within his camp that this if “the situation changes” . He has become a strong critic of Iran in recent days sounding a little like Bush.

It is interesting watching the liberal media cover Obama’s switch from left to center-right. He is their beloved nominee and they will treat him with gloves even with this sudden and shocking flips in policy. They need to be more critical and go after him more intensely for being such a big hypocrite and a liar. I have never been so harsh on Obama but this really troubles me.

Maybe I feel like a was tricked too. I understand that he has to be a centrist for those independents, yes most elections are won on the middle ground, but did domestic wire tapping become a centrists idea, or executing people for non murder cases or the crazy “everyone should have a gun” ruling by the Supreme Court. He is moving way too far and too fast to the right. In a way it seems McCain is trying to court his conservative base and Obama is courting them also. So who is courting the liberals?

When voters are asked to identify themselves according to party affiliation, democrats are out pacing republicans by a wide margin. If people identify themselves more as democrats, then democrat ideals should be more a dominant theme. Obama was successful in the primary based on being different and beating he drums of “change” so hard it’s deafening. Why now is he switching

As much as I disagree with the republicans on many issues at least they stand for something while the democrats are afraid to be themselves. They having a backbone, I admire them for being able to convince a strong and passionate base about their ideals despite being wrong. Character and credibility has to count for something. Senator Obama is showing lack of both.

He likes to say that John McCain is running for Bush’s third term, it seems he is also running for Bush third term.

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?


~ by RB on June 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Barack Obama “CHANGE” like green lizard”

  1. Nice read, man! BTW, I made a music video all about Obama – called, appropriately, “Obama, Obama” – which you can check out HERE:

    Pass it along to your friends!

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  3. What’s up Kingston. I read your post, I agree with you “yuh need yuh ‘ead ‘xamined!”

    As a political junkie, the first thing you should know is that you cannot accept the opposition’s propaganda as fact ot doctrine, not ever. The opposition’s job is to ‘switch-up’ and ‘twist-up’ everything their opponent says.

    The republicans are ‘miffed’ at Obama because they thought he was young and naive and they thought that their old tricks would work against him — they haven’t. They underestimated him and did not reserach his policies and point-of-views so know their backs are against the wall and they’re talking about non-issues. You don’t hear hem crticizing his policies just foolishness. It’s a distraction and they hope people will be distracted.

    They can’t find any real issues to make him look bad so they are talking crap, hoping that most people haven’t done any research and don’t know the facts about Obama. Mnay people by now have researched Obama and his supporters know where he stands.

    If you read his books and writings you will see that he is taking a centrist position — which he has since his college days.

    An election in America is like the first and second half of a football game. The first half you’re rallying your base and getting your key supporters from your party in-line with you so you talk about the issues that are important to them — in this case democrats.

    In the second half you’ve already won the democrats and you’re trying to let the ‘other side’ (republicans) know that they don’t have to fear the policies you’ll implement. THat is what Obama is now doing. He isn’t flip-flopping — he’s CLARIFYING his positions.

    He’s trying to be the President of ALL America not just democrats so this is not about NOT HAVING BACK BONE or being a green lizard.

    You have to also remember that the Mainstream Media (MSM) even though they liked Obama more than Hillary they like McCain more that Obama.

    We had two potentially divisive Supreme Court decisions last week — one overturning DC’s handgun ban and the other finding capital punishment for child rapists to be unconstitutional. We also saw Obama support the FISA compromise legislation. And earlier, Obama rejected public financing.

    The GOP is disappointed politically with Obama’s decisions on all of these matters. They are unhappy with his support of the handgun ban decision because, if he had opposed it, they could have made guns a red meat issue again (an issue that has been largely dormant for decades) and used it to define him as an effete elitist out of touch with “real” folks in the deer hunting parts of the battleground states. They are disappointed with his opposition to the Supreme Court decision in the capital punishment case for the same reason – they could have used it to frame him as another Dukakis, who famously looked like a deer in headlights when Bernie Shaw asked him if he would support the death penalty if someone raped and murdered his wife. They are frightened (but unsurprised) by his decision to reject public financing, because they know that it means he will significantly out-fund raise them over the next five months. And they are disappointed by his support of the FISA compromise because it removes a potential terrorism-related issue from the campaign, and terrorism is the one area where McCain has any strength over Obama.

    With respect to his support for capital punishment, a little research would reveal that Obama wrote of his support of the death penalty in a variety of cases, including specifically in the case of child rapists, in his book, The Audacity of Hope. So again, there can be no flip-flop without the flip, and there isn’t one here.

    Similarly, Obama has always recognized the Second Amendment. But he’s argued that state and local authorities should have the right to enact reasonable regulations to protect their citizens. The Supreme Court affirmed that principle, and found that the DC law went too far. By finding the Second Amendment is not absolute, which the NRA has always argued, the case was not the clear victory for gun advocates as widely reported. When Obama stated his acceptance of the decision, he noted that different communities will want to treat gun ownership differently when he said “Chicago and Cheyenne” are not the same. As I noted earlier, the GOP will try to make guns an issue anyway, but it’s unlikely to work when there’s nothing to debate.

    Even with his rejection of public financing, Obama never gave an unequivocal promise to enter the public financing system. He always made clear he wouldn’t unilaterally disarm, not if the GOP wouldn’t agree to similarly disarm their 527 organizations that almost single handedly defeated John Kerry in 2004. The GOP wouldn’t, so he rejected public financing.

    Since Obama’s decisions were substantively closer to center, is the Right giving him credit for being less doctrinaire than they suspected or simply finding another excuse to damn him anyway? Of course, the Right is choosing the latter. The argument they’ve settled on is Obama has proven he has no core beliefs. Or in McCain’s own words, someone who cannot be trusted. A flip-flopper. But to be a flip-flopper, you have to start from one position and move to another.

    Factually, there’s no merit to these attacks, so they shouldn’t stick. But when the source of the attack is from the Left, a lazy MSM in search of a simple definition for Obama, as in the case of Gail Collins’s Saturday column, will find such attacks irresistible.

    The Left-leaning David Sirota just bashed Obama in an interview with the Washington Post: “American voters tend to reward politicians who take clear stands. When Obama takes these mushy positions, it could speak to a character issue. Voters that don’t pay a lot of attention look at one thing: ‘Does the guy believe in something?’ They may be saying the guy is afraid of his own shadow.” Impressive – Sirota managed to combine three character attacks in one short statement: Obama is indecisive, doesn’t believe in anything and is afraid. Sounds like the kind of guy you’d want to elect president, doesn’t it? At McCain campaign headquarters, they read that quote and high-fived each other.

    What clearly got under the Left’s skin more than anything else was Obama’s announcement to support the FISA compromise that contained a path for telecoms to gain retroactive immunity for cooperating with the government’s demands for warrantless surveillance of communications. But the fundamental issue for Obama has not been the civil liability of the telecoms – it’s been the civil liberties of the American people. The compromise bill improves safeguards for civil liberties going-forward. The FISA bill he threatened to filibuster several months ago was significantly worse, a point ignores when it demands Obama “stick to his word”.

    The GOP will try to exploit this anger on the left to foment divisions or at least suppress enthusiasm among Obama’s supporters. Indeed, the greatest weakness McCain has as a candidate is the distinct “enthusiasm” gap he faces in the general election. The GOP must dampen the enthusiasm for Obama if they are going to have any chance. To do this, the GOP hopes the MSM adopts a negative narrative for Obama that sticks, even if fictional, much like their successful effort to get the MSM to define Gore as a serial exaggerator. They don’t care what sticks, just so long as it works. If Obama had come out the other way on the events of this last week, the Right would be labeling him a doctrinaire leftist, but they are happy to label him with the polar opposite charge — “lacking core beliefs” — particularly if that dampens enthusiasm for Obama in the Left.

    Merely differing with some on the importance of telecom immunity, relative to the improvement of FISA’s safeguards going-forward, is not evidence of being indecisive, lacking core beliefs or being fearful. It’s simply evidence of a more pragmatic view. Obama’s pragmatism should not come as any surprise to those who have read his two books and studied his career closely. He has been remarkably consistent and transparent in public life — more so than any politician in recent memory.

    Goal-oriented progressive pragmatism and transparency is his brand.

    The MSM could just as easily view Obama’s decisions as evidence of his decisiveness and courage — his willingness to risk upsetting the Netroots. A “Sistah Soulja moment”, if you will. They might, but at the same time, the MSM is under pressure to write negatively about Obama, lest they be accused of being in the tank for him. The GOP knows this. And Obama is not spinning this as such a moment because Clintonian triangulation is not his game and not the motive behind his FISA decision.

    The MSM has largely stuck with the “McCain the maverick” definition despite all the recent evidence to the contrary. The MSM doesn’t know Obama as well. They’re not as inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. The question for the core base of the Democratic Party is will they let their disappointment that Obama is not perfect (as Obama has often said on the stump) be exploited by the Right? After all, settling for the most gifted politician in a generation isn’t all bad.

    A little long, but I hope it gives you a better sense of why the republicans are touting foolishness about Obama. And bringing up the ‘trust’ issue. They have nothing else to go after him with.

    One love,


  4. Great response Paulette, I have to give it to you for having your information pinned down. I also have to give you credit for being a great spinner because your points truly have me dizzy from all the compromise and clarifications.

    Lets look at the oppositions “job is to ’switch-up’ and ‘twist-up’”. It’s hard for the opposition to fool me when The senator have one clear position during the last 6 months during the primary or even years ago and a completely different position today with a clear political calculation. It does take FAUX news or any anti Obama website to see a flip. Even the very liberal media that practice Obama worship daily both online and on television will admit sourly that he is flipping big time. No propaganda here, just facts.

    Obama has a pattern here, there was a survey that Barack Obama filled out a couple years ago where he supported hand gun ban, it was even hand written. He later said he does not remember filling the form out and when the media reported a copy of the form that was hand written the Obama camp said his assistant filled it out. At the bottom of the form was the good senator’s signature. Isn’t that a complete flip.

    Why not come out at first and say I have changed my position. There is nothing wrong with changing ones mind but please don’t lie and spin. That is the same OLD POLITICS he denounces every day during the primary. A more striking point to the flip on the hand gun issue As a candidate for the Illinois Legislature in the 1990s, Obama had supported legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns in his state. The obama camp was quoted in a Chicago news paper saying

    “”Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.”

    After the Supreme Court decision last week “”I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms.” This is a flipping cloudy reaction. After all he does want to upset or offend middle America who “cling to guns or religion” when “they get bitter.” .

    He likes to chide “politicians” about taking positions that poll well. His lack of reasoning on this hand gun ruling by the Supreme Court shows that he is no different from the “Politicians” he criticizes. Taking a position that will not offend middle America in so called purple state. Why not use his eloquence and speechify us with reasoning about this issue.

    The Brady bill passed by President Clinton ban assault rifles, which Bush allowed to expire. Most of those major mass killings like Virginia Tech and Columbine are crimes done with these kinds of guns. The Democrats have failed to communicate to the electorate common sense gun laws. Ever seen a guy hunting with an M-16 file? or an oozy sub machine gun. All we need is more guns in more hands left in private cars and homes. The emotional appeal to this idiotic ruling was simple by reminding people of the horrific tragedies of Columbine and VT, reminding people of all those unregistered guns in frail minds, guns locked in cars which are stolen, guns left in shoe boxes for toddlers to show their friends and blow their heads off. Obama had a chance this week and failed. It angered me to here him say:

    “much-needed guidance to local jurisdictions across the country.”

    What the hell does he mean. He said a couple months ago that we need “common sense gun laws that can co-exist with the second amendment. Hand gun bans and the Brady bill are common sense laws. I am not saying he should go on a crusade trying to fight peoples second amendment rights but in his own words “common sense” restrictions should apply and if he can communicate that to middle America he would have done his job, but “”much-needed guidance to local jurisdictions across the country.”

    Republicans love to say Democrats have no backbone and they are right. The Republican party has bulled them so much they are afraid to even use the word “liberal” to describe themselves. Democrats are afraid to say what they really feel. No wonder there has been more Republican presidents in the last 40 years. If Bush was a democrat with all the mistakes and blunders he has made in his presidency there would have been so much special prosecutors, investigations and impeachment it would make our head spin.

    Do I really need to go into campaign finance reform? It’s as clear as day in Mr Obama’s own words he will sit down with John McCain to figure out a way we can both use campaign finance for the general election. You said this “Obama never gave an unequivocal promise to enter the public financing system”. Did you know that Obama told the now deceased Tim Russert in a Debate that he “PROMISE”(Word he used) to take federal funding for the general election. The GOP has it in an Ad, you tube it. Paulette you know this stuff more than any one else. Read this page loaded with facts about how the Obama camp are back peddling and lying with regard to this campaign issue. No propaganda, just facts

    I am aware that Barack Obama supports the death penalty, but where in his book does he support the death penalty for non murder crimes, specifically child rapists? Doesn’t it shock you to even be debating the state killing off people for non murder crimes. Next it will be the death penalty for breaking the red light. Some crimes are horrific yes but our emotions should never be blinded by rationality and a reality that no where in the world is the justice system competent enough to show absolute guilt. Keep in mind that I support the death penalty but I think its Looney to expand a dangerous and ultra loony idea of the state murdering citizens for non murder offenses. It is a dangerous precedence to set. We will be creating in the western democracies Islamic extremist policies. The scariest part is that in the biggest democracy in the world, the leaders agree out of political calculations with the will to kill for these reasons.

    Senator Obama has been mushy on the issues and it is a clear sign of trouble if his darling left MSM is attacking him for lacking core values and changing positions. Let us be realistic, most voters are not going to buy both of Mr Obama’s books. They are not going to closely follow his biography and career. They will not watch out for every word he utters out of his mouth. They are not going to read every political article, watch every debate and follow every vote and stance on policies in every issue. Those might be true for political junkies like me or even you. The average voter is way less informed than you and me. History has shown that presidential candidates with a “message” will likely win. Clinton first term- the economy, second term “bridge to the 21st century, Bush-Compassionate conservatism and Tax cuts. Obama made himself out to be the “change” candidate. Scolding Washington for its close lobbyist ties and criticizing Bush’s war on terror. Dialing back confuses people and turn off supporters.

    Obama’s back pedaling is his own making; I am not blame the GOP for him lacking core beliefs and a strong back bone. He is a promise breaker and his word has lost some credibility. There is no amount of spin in the world that can change the fact that he is not keeping his word. He lacks something Hillary Clinton had which was the fight and yes a backbone.

    Regarding the FISA issue, did you read the new bill? If it is so new and allows for compromise why have none of the Senator’s colleagues changed their minds and supported the bill. should hold Senator Obama to his word. This is a clear practice of say anything do anything to get elected the very same thing he criticized Senator Clinton for. His is practicing the politics of calculations and what polls well, sound familiar?. His is changing on a core piece of the democrats fighting issue. Its very disappointing indeed.

    I must disagree with you that the media prefers McCain more than Obama. The amount of Negative stories in the last couple weeks for McCain is pale compared to Obama. Even Fox News covers Obama more than McCain even if negatively. McCain has had to deal with his wife beating joke, His chief strategists saying a terror attack would benefit his candidate, take shots for wanting to drill off shore, canceling a fund raising even with a Texas republican who made controversial remarks about women, McCain has even had to deal with the ridicule dished out to him by the speech he gave behind a green screen with a sparsely filled room of unenthusiastic supporters and the petty issue of McCain’s wife Cindy McCain copy and pasting recipes as her own.

    What has Obama with recently? They gave Michele Obama a make over, set up a website to fight smears, design a new presidential seal, revel in his bounce in the polls and celebrate unity in New Hampshire with Clinton.

    Wow Senator Obama has his plate full

    There is nothing wrong with moving to the center but not like this.

  5. duttybwoy – well said! In general, I don’t trust centrists/pragmatists, but that’s my breeding kicking in. I grew up thinking that socialism is the most logical way to organize a society, even if not too many people have the backbone to embrace the ideology. Obama can be convinced of many things; he is a politician. And while he has core values that I can get with, I don’t trust where he will eventually land after making his deliberations. Voting for McCain is like voting for Golding; Simpson-Miller and Phillips not too much different on many issues, but I would rather not vote than ink next to self-confessed big money anti-govt puppets. Nope, can’t do that.

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