Thank You Dexter Lee

Even if you didn’t know who Dexter Lee is before today, you know now. Lee 17 years old hails from the Herbert Morrison High School in St. James. He clocked 10.40 to win the 100m in Poland yesterday at th 12 th IAAF World Junior Championship bringing home the gold for Jamaica.

I can’t wait for Beijing


~ by RB on July 10, 2008.

7 Responses to “Thank You Dexter Lee”

  1. Kudos Dexter Lee, and nuff respect!

  2. I think its all the ‘horny goat weed’ roots them taking. USA should take a page out of our book.

  3. What kinda yellow yam Dexter Lee eating?

  4. congrats indeed, it may be a combination of “horny goat weed” and yellow yam LOL

    honestly I hope you tell me what horny goat weed is

  5. jamaican runners are just magnificent just competing with the united states army is like david and goliat americans are running for gold jamaicans are running for survival thats a big difference

  6. Never did either, but good job!

  7. […] Thank You Dexter Lee […]

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