The lyrics sell off, the beats crazy.

Some of the lyrics is suggesting getting the paper the worst way possible which I can not support, mi love di song otherwise.
It look like dem film di video pon di Portmore Causeway, downtown and near di port. Di video can gwan.


~ by RB on July 13, 2008.

10 Responses to “Konshens-Winner”

  1. not a bad song

  2. thought it was kartel the first time I hear it. he needs to release a second hit soon so that he doesn’t become a one hit wonder. Controversial topics, vanity, prostitution, human trafficing kinda reminds me of bounty killa’s “Anytime”.

  3. I really hope he is no one hit wonder,there is some talent here. I hear that he write songs too, but Winner is the only one i know of.

  4. Di song bad still, as you say, ca’an support some of the methods still, but I guess its par for the songs and the mindset nowadays.

  5. By the way, mi LOVE you banner picture. A from the top of Red Hills it tek, nuh true? Or the hills by Havendale?

  6. mad bull, wish I could take credit for the picture but I can’t . but just looking at it I am guessing it might have been taken from the Red Hills area, I am not sure though.

    I haven’t been blogging from Kingston for a while now, think I might change the blog name

  7. Sorry, I can’t divorce the sound from the content. That’s actually what he wants us to do so we’ll spread the word about his video, and so popularize the ideas. That’s doubly disgusting. If it was really about the beat,then we could get the song without the pimpish visuals and thuggish lyrics. A pox on him! You can tell him I said so!

  8. i’ve put a barrier between me and dancehall-lyrics around the time of “boom bye bye”. thankfully they’re often easy to NOT understand.. problem is, if the video to a good song is such a naff portrayal of meaningless bling-clichees, i have to stop watching those too and thats hard to do these days.
    i sometimes wish those artists would do something that would reveal their secretly existing intellect, so i could pass off all this yabbyabba-bullshit as ironic and brock out to wicked tunes without feeling like a dumbass. oh well..

  9. Dah, Dadda- I am a fan of music, all genres of music. Dancehall has its many big faults. I will agree with most of what you said. Yes some of the lyrical content is really unfortunate. I can not turn my back on the music though because there are many artists who are trying to appeal to more uplifting content, not just that but the vibes, culture, historic charaterictic of the music is an important part of Jamaica’s identity. Dancehall is one of the things that stands out in the many stories told and yes a voice for a certain class of people who are otherwise voice-less.

    There is an ugly side to the music , I think we can all acknowledge that. No one can support the preaching of murder and constant measurement of whose guns are bigger and louder. Dancehall’s growing international importance is testament of the music.

    This very video/song as I admit is suggesting getting money in the worst way possible and I can not support that. I think the over all tone is encouragement to be “Di Winna”.

    If you are going to hate dancehall music you are going to have to hate society too because much of dancehall is a reflection of society. That does not take away the moral responsibility that DJs have. I think it is society and things that are happening during these times that shape the narrative of any generation of music. The music is like a documentary of sorts.

    I too wish more of the music is positive and uplifting and most importantly does not promote violence. I am not going to criticize the use of so called “bling”. Success is not a negative. The same so called bling is realized in the very materialistic society we live in.

    If for entertainment they want to “Bling” then bling they should. I don’t think the rappers on cribbs with 18 cars serious people.

  10. u look sweeeeeeeet nd fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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