Asafa Powell beats Usain Bolt in 100m

Last month when Usain Bolt beat Asafa Powell at the national stadium in Kingston not much was made of it. Powell was suffering from an injury and a rivalry was for the most part played down even though some in the media tried to build it up to be more than it was.

Today in chilly Stockholm, Sweden 25 year old former 100m record holder Asafa Powell was quickest out of the blocks timing 9.88. In contrast 21 year old current 100m record holder Usain Bolt made what some in the international press is calling a “dreadful” start and was never a real threat to Powell’s victory.

The much anticipated match up played out in front an eager capacity stadium. This was Powell’s third straight win at the venue and his personal best for the season. Before the race Bolt had mention that the chilly weather was not to his preference and hoped it might change. Powell said before the race that he was expecting a close out come.

These are two Jamaican sprinters which all Jamaicans should celebrate. With our outstanding talents we do not want a situation where there is any rivalry between these two sprinters. After the race Bolt instead of congratulating his countryman said:

“That doesn’t change anything”

The question still looms on whether the world record holder will compete in both the 100 and 200m. When asked about this Bolt said:

“Am I going to do the double in Beijing? It is my coach Glen Mills who will decide”

Asafa Powell said this about the race:

“My goal was to win. My start was quick and fast. And the speed stayed with me through the finish.

Powell who has in the past had issues bringing his great form to huge events said after that race said:

“I’m really looking forward to the Olympics.”

Tyson Gay was missing from this meet in Sweden and one can’t help but wonder if he is not somewhere training and watching replays of the video of this race. Planning strategy and identifying weakness. But wi deya f idem.

If I had a crystal ball I would look into it and see how it will pan out in Beijing next month but I don’t.There is one think I know though, it will be fast.


~ by RB on July 22, 2008.

13 Responses to “Asafa Powell beats Usain Bolt in 100m”

  1. I wish them both the best in Beijing. Gay will be a handful though but I am hoping Bolt does a double

  2. If Bolt does a double that would be interesting. I hear some people say he is untested which might give Tyson Gay an edge. I don’t know. I am thinking Powell 100m and Bolt 200m

  3. The best to Bolt and Powell in Beijing.

  4. Who will win in Beijing is anyone’s guess, but here the state of play, the man (Bolt) has the world record, had a horrible start in this race. Not to do the double in Beijing would be ludicrous!

  5. The best to both Powell and Bolt in Beijing!!

  6. I’m glad to see that King is eating his cornmeal porridge again.

    Most of the races that Asafa loses, he should win — he eases up 5 seconds too early. Keeping on pushing until you cross the finish line Asafa, don’t slow down – WIN!

    Usain is a lion!

  7. Paulette, what do you think of lightening Bolt competing in both 100 and 200m?


  9. Dutty — I think it’s GREAT! The next Olympics isn’t for 4 more years — while he’s in his prime he should go for it. Plus it also increases the chance of JA getting two golds. That’s not an affront against Asafa; it just seems that Usain is hungrier.

  10. Paulette I can see what you are saying now and its actually chaned y mind. Bolt should compete in both because hhe is at the hight of his gam. In 4 years he might not be so fit or another youger better sprinter might come along.

  11. Paulette, I can see what you are saying now and its actually changed y mind. Bolt should compete in both because hhe is at the hight of his game. In 4 years he might not be so fit or another younger better sprinter might come along.

  12. Dutty — these guys have trained REAL hard for years and years. They and their families have sacrificed much. They need to go for it. This is what they’ve been working for. This is the BIG game. I EXPECT them to win — this is no time for any kind of fear or apprehension. They’ve got to shove everything to the back of their minds, focus, push through and WIN!

    I hope that both Asafa and Usain bring home gold. I’m counting on nothing less.

  13. I wish both Asafa and Bolt in the 100 and bolt of course doing his favourite 200 metre race. As it stand now, Bolt and Powell have everything cover. All they should do, is to stay focus.

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