Asafa Powell: “jail athletes who do drugs”

Fresh off his win over fellow Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell is expressing strong views on how athletes caught taking drugs to enhance performance should be treated. Powell was quoted in the international press as saying:

“If someone comes out and they are taking drugs and win the gold, they are robbing me of my gold medal. When people do things like that, they should be punished for it.

“Two years from the sport and then back, it is pretty easy. It’s for the experts to see what else they can do about it and make the athletes understand. They should be given this impression that they will go to jail if they do it.”

“Drugs have been in the sport since before I was born and I can’t change it. I do not know what a drug looks like, what it tastes like, or how you feel when you take it.”

“But athletes who take drugs know it is illegal and they are competing against other athletes who are working very hard.”

“They are pretty much robbing the other athletes and if I go out there and someone comes out and they are taking drugs and they win the gold, they are robbing me of my gold medal.”

With the Caribbean, mainly Jamaica being set square in the cross-hairs of recent media reports about lack of out of competition testing and allegations of doping, Powell might be responding to all the speculative and suspicious tone being taken by sources like the New York Times story “Sprinters, Pride of Jamaica, Are in the Spotlight” and the LA Times “Victor Conte suspicious of Caribbean sprint success” which is laden with allegations about “wide spread drug use in the Caribbean”. Conte whose credibility is wanting after he served time for his own involvement in dopping is quoted as saying:

“To see the fastest people in the world coming from one island [Jamaica], I’m highly suspicious,……. “I believe there’s rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs in the Caribbean.”

There is a chorus building here about the integrity of the games as it relates to the Caribbean more so Jamaican athletes. Some might say it’s a negative narrative against Jamaican sprinters who are dominating the single most watched event leading up to the Beijing games. A simple case of bad mindedness or as some in America might call “hatin” from some people who traditionally dominates the sport.

Mi trow mi corn mi neva call no fowl but who di cap fit mek dem wear it.

In the same breath I can not help but express my concern about drugs and our athletes. Andy Parkinson acting head of Drug Free Sport at UK Sport said that it would be naïve to think the games are clean especially in this current environment. Mr. Parkinson also said he expect there to be positive results for drugs by the end of the Beijing games this summer.

Please god don’t let anybody embarrass Jamaica.

As I write this post I must point to a fellow blogger jdid post “Free Marion”. In this post Jdid talks about the Marion Jones subject where the disgrace sprinter is now serving time, not for doping as Powell suggests should be the case, but instead for lying about it. Jones recently asked President Bush for a pardon.


~ by RB on July 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Asafa Powell: “jail athletes who do drugs””

  1. Interesting post Dutty Bwoy!!

  2. very interesting indeed. Not sure about jailing athletes for using performance enhancing drugs. I think the govs will only do that if the drug is illegal as defined by the laws of the land.

  3. Stunner, I agree that not unless the drug is illegal ten a person can not go to jail. Its interesting though that many sports professionals in the states do go to jail mainly baseball pros and Marion Jones. These pros serve time not for the use but for lying about it.

    Frankly the embarrassment is enough

  4. […] It’s all across the international wires now and at such a time as now. Just last week I blogged about Asafa Powell quoted saying athletes caught doping should go jail; although I though that was a little extreme, at this moment I agree with him 100%. Asafa Powell: “jail athletes who do drugs” […]

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