Jamaican athlete pulled from Beijing games for doping

So this morning I was on my way to work, I am listening to the announcer on the radio go through the newspaper headlines for that day. I was a little shock when he said “Jamaican Athlete test positive for drugs” in the Jamaica Observer.

***sigh shaking head**

The first newspaper vendor I saw I quickly snatched one up; worst fears confirmed. This coming just days before the Beijing games begin. Imagine at this time when we are positioned to do better than any other year and so close to the games. This is embarrassing.

Here I am on this blog defending our athletes to the bone, criticizing the New York Times, La Times and all evils who question their credibility, now this. Then the Jamaica Observer just plaster it right across the front page. Maybe they are trying to impress the New York Times. There was no mention of it in the Gleaner so I am guessing it was a special scoop for them.

It’s all across the international wires now and at such a time as now. Just last week I blogged about Asafa Powell quoted saying athletes caught doping should go jail; although I though that was a little extreme, at this moment I agree with him 100%. Asafa Powell: “jail athletes who do drugs”

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) president Mike Fennell decline to name the eediat athlete who was tested positive. He however confirm word from track and field world governing body, International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) that one of our own was tested positive for drugs. Fennell said he hasn’t gotten the confirmation in black and white and is therefore not making an official press release yet. He has instructed that the athlete be pulled from the delegation representing Jamaica. Someone speaking to the associated press on condition of anonymity said that it is not any of our major sprinters nor is it a female athlete.

They didn’t say what type of drugs in the report. There are some ranglings about testing “A” sample and “B” sample to confirm the test. Wishful thinking for me is that the “B” sample comes back negative. Remember at one point they tested Merlene Ottey for drugs and that was cleared up after the “B” sample came back negative.

Isn’t it ironic just last week the Jamaican senate passed The Anti-Doping in Sport Act, 2008. I discussed it in my post Jamaica passes anti-doping law-Take that jealous world. I eat the part of the title “Take That Jealous World”.

It’s not just Jamaica who is embarrassed today. Danish cyclist Peter Riis Andersen, 28 who finished 18th in the Athens games 4 years ago was pulled from the Beijing games after testing positive for EPO. Apparently EPO is a blood boasting substance. Andersen was crying in a press conference telling reporter he had a string of bad results and felt pressured to do better.

“All I could think about was that I had to raise my level for the Games……I think it’s cowardly to cheat in sport, but it’s even more cowardly not to admit it.”

American swimmer Jessica Hardy, 21 is also facing suspension from the games after she was tested positive for clenbuterol a drug used for breathing disorders. It is often abused for it weight-loss effects and is a favorite of body builders. Ms Hardy is world record holder on the US swimming team. She was set to take part in 4 events. Her lawyer, Howard Jacobs, said she was tested three times during the trials and one of the tests came back positive. Click here to read story.

It seems every other country has outed their dopers except Jamaica.

If that’s not bad enough I saw a really wackie article that China will be testing athlete’s sex. Don’t laugh this is serious. Apparently there is a risk of having men competing as women and women competing as men. You also have rumors that some of the Chinese taking part in for example gymnastic are signed up as being 16 years old when they are really only 14. Sounds like the games will be a regular freak show.

Here are links to the story about Jamaican testing positive:

J’can athlete tests positive—Jamaica Observer

Jamaica pulls track athlete from Olympic team—CNN

Jamaican Olympian tests positive—BBC—– This one has an interesting symbolic Jamaican flag

In my last post I talked about Sprint queen Merlene Ottey “eroding her legacy” competing at age 48. I know some readers of this blog (thank you, respect,god bless) may not agree with me on this issue. If you think I was critical then read must read “Kelly’s World – Merlene, it dun!” It will make you laugh or very upset.

One Love.


~ by RB on July 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Jamaican athlete pulled from Beijing games for doping”

  1. Dutty — say it ain’t so.; say it ain’t so. Lawd1

    You know, sometimes someone tests positive for a drugs and they could have eaten something with sesame seed (whose test results are very very close to weed) or eat something with poppy seed (tests will make it seem like you were using coke). So hopefully this ‘likkle name’ athlete ate something exotic in China and that’s what’s showing up on his tests. Hopefully the Observer’s scoop was no scoop at all!

    My fingers, toes and ears are crossed!!!

  2. Shocked and surprised!!

  3. “32-year-old sprinter Julien Dunkley tested positive for the banned substance Boldenone”. Pressed further to confirm that the athlete was not originally entered to compete in an individual event, Fennell replied: “Yes!”

    I have never heard of this sprinter… I am just glad it is not one of OUR big name spinters and mostly importantly not one that is train in JAMAICA.

  4. So it was steroids…sad.

    I’ve never heard of Julien either. Anyone wearing green gold and black must take the business of representing Jamaica seriously and respect that it is an honor and privilege!!!

    Mi caan deal wid di foolishness!

  5. Paulette, I man agree with you totally regarding the black, green and gold.Nuff Respect!!

  6. @ ESTEBAN I was shocked too, disappointed also

    @ Notatall, thanks for that update

    @ Paulette, true most people don’t know who Dunkley is. He became known for all the wrong reasons.

  7. Its too sad… Hope there s no shaddow on Bolt and Powell… they re clean

    http://olympicbet.wordpress.com –best winners

  8. Mi seh di same thing if yuh waan mek it yuh a fi start from the bottom. Nuh try fi jump di gun. Respect Jamaica yuh country and mek wi flag fly hi without shame. Black Green and Gold all di way

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