Julien the cheat?

And it would come to pass that in the Chinese year of the RAT, year of the 29th Olympiad that the people the beloved land of wood and water shall be forever stained by Julien the cheat.

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) still has not confirmed it, but it is widely reported that Jamaican sprinter Julien Dunkley was tested positive for Boldenone a banned substance after the trials in late June this year. Boldenone is made for veterinary use on horses and is widely used by body builders.

And who is Julien Dunkley you might ask?

Most Jamaicans have never heard of this sprinter and it easy to see why. Apparently Dunkley, 32 live and train in the states. He went to college at the East Carolina University (ECU), he never even went to high school in Jamaica. Dunkley was on a so called comeback mission this year which earned him a place on the Jamaican Olympic team.

Boldenone (steroids) detected, mission failed.

This would have been his first Olympic. In 2003 Dunkley won the NCCA indoor 60 metres title. The NCAA then took back their medal for unspecified reasons just weeks later.

Interesting isn’t it, I have said it here on the blog that the more exposed our athletes are to training in the overseas the more vulnerable they are to drugs. I had a spirited exchange with fellow blogger Long Bench about this on post I did just recently, New York Times story on Jamaican sprinters-focuses on dopin”. This is more empirical evidence. There is a list of Jamaican athletes who have competed for Canada, England and the USA who were all disgraced for taking drugs.

If Dunkley was stripped of the NCAA 60 metre title in 2003 just weeks after winning the it for “unspecified reasons”, why didn’t that raise questions about him being a fair person. I am guessing the Olympic folks here didn’t know. I just wish The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) would just come out and admit the whole story about Dunkley, They still hasn’t officially named him as the person tested positive. They took his name of their website.

All the other countries have come clean with names and faces of their cheats. I know we guard our sprint power passionately but hiding and playing semantic with policy and procedures only helps to fuel speculation and drag out this story closer and closer to the Beijing games. Yesterday the Jamaica Observer broke the story front page, today they have another screaming headline in the sports section “Withdawn!!”. Just imagine if they got the full hundred yesterday;then today they wouldn’t have much to talk about.

Negative “B” sample anyone?


~ by RB on July 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “Julien the cheat?”

  1. I am not too familiar with this guy.I remember hearing something about the NCAA issue, but I was totally unaware of the fact that the athlete involved was a Jamaican.

  2. ESTEBAN, same here never heard of him before. He became famous for the wrong reason though. I am still wondering why he was on our team even after the NCAA issue? I still think its better when the athletes train here in Jamaica.. Although we don’t have first world equipment we are clean. I think with all that sports does for Jamaica the government and Jamaica should give them all the support they need.

  3. Dutty – dis bwoy shud ah nevah deh pon di JA team. Dem nuh ‘ave Google inna Jamaica?

    It’s a shame that he’s tarnishing the good name of the team in general. I know seh ‘King’ and ‘Lightening’ mad.

    Like you said, the officials should get the complete story out completely so that press and fans know that this is an American athlete of Jamaican decent that trained and drugged in the good ole US of A. This is not someone from the Jamaica stables.

    If they release the complete information (like you did) our guys can go to Beijing with their heads held high and without the stigma.

    Dis Julien bwoy look well juice up — how come di official dem nevah suspicions inna JA? Kiss teeth.

  4. “… with all that sports does for Jamaica the government and Jamaica should give them all the support they need.” Well said Dutty Bwoy!I concur!!

  5. Hey Dutty Bwoy, check the BBC out,seven RUSSIANS suspended for doping.

  6. ESTEBAN, I read the story. they have as much as 5. They are claiming political reasons. I think the IAAF is just making a clean sweep, they are cleaning up for Beijing.

    I had to laugh when I read the reason for suspension “”fraudulent substitution of urine” They got someone else to pee in the cup?. I would suspect with techology they can know if its your urine. Isn’t your DNA in your urine and if you submitd blood or urine before they can match it and know if the stuff is yours?

    There is not enough time to appeal and do all those B samples. The Russians are big names too so this will definitely affect the out come of the

    I am baffled.. WOW

    Don’t you find it strange that most of these cheats are only being revealed before the games. I guess they don’t clean house until a big event.

    There is a lot of money in track and field now so the environment is charged

  7. julian who?

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