Usain Bolt doubles up for 100 and 200 metres

Usain Bolt said his coach would decide if he would compete in both the 100 and 200 metres in Beijing, well coach Glen mills has decided. World record holder Usain Bolt will be playing double agent at the Olympics in Beijing.

The men’s 100 metres will undoubtedly be a showdown for gold, notoriety and “awe” between giants for the titles of titles. The race will see Bolt going up against counterpart Asafa Powell and American Tyson Gay. Although Powell was able to stave off a Bolt’s dominance in chilly Stockholm, Sweden in July, Bolt currently holds the title as world’s fastest man after he clocked a wicked 9.72 seconds in New York on May 31.

The impending highly anticipated showdown between Powell, Bolt and Gay is one to watch indeed. Already the nerves, the tension and high expectation swirled with a little bit of controversy in track and field will make it all the more interesting. In the 100m its 10 seconds to glory. If I was a betting person I would not touch is one with long stick pole. A split second of a milli-second will decide.

With the bad news in Jamaica’s track and field this week about Julien Dunkley testing positive for Boldenone (steroids). Clovis lighten things up in the Jamaica Observer cartoon editorial with the illustration below. The athlete at the back trying to catch up with world record sprinters Bolt and Powell is missing a name tag.

Photo/illustration: The Jamaica Observer

Also there were two very interesting letters to the editor in both major news papers today. The first is from Warren Blake, Second Vice-President JAAA (in charge of Anti-Doping matters) and medical doctor Olympic team 2008. I guess with the extensive coverage the Jamaica Observer gave the Julien Dunkley doping scandal it is only fair that the JAAA response to it in order to reassure and clear up misconceptions. Here is the letter.

Dear Editor

The Olympics are upon us and accusations are flying fast and furious. Even faster than Usain Bolt’s 9.72 seconds 100m world-record time. If accusers Victor Conte of Balco fame and Dr Adrian Lorde from the Caribbean Regional Anti-doping Agency are to be believed, Jamaica is not only the current sprint capital of the world, but also the drug-taking capital of the world.

For the first time in recent memory the world powerhouse, the mighty USA, is not the dominant force in the sprint events (regarded by most as the premier events). There is a very real possibility that Jamaican athletes could win all four events (100m, 200m both men and women) and also take home the two sprint relay gold medals. This would be quite a remarkable feat for any country, let alone one the size of Jamaica. Understandably, this has raised quite a few eyebrows, and some very envious ones. Click here to continue reading.

The second letter seeks to explain the ancestry and genetics explanation for Jamaica’s sprint success. This makes for interesting reading although one could argue that there are many other Caribbean countries have similar connections yet they don’t enjoy the success Jamaica has in sports. I guess this is just apart of the of a fuller explanation.

The Editor, Sir:

Why is it so hard to believe that a high percentage of persons born from a genetic pool with certain physical attributes will not dominate?

Jamaicans are predominantly of West African ancestry. Approximately 98 per cent of West Africans have the RR or RX copy of the Actinin three gene associated with sprinting dominance. Jamaicans are built for short explosive running. They are heavier than the East Africans. Click here to continue reading.


~ by RB on August 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Usain Bolt doubles up for 100 and 200 metres”

  1. Excellent move on the part of coach Glenn Mills to let Mr.Usain Bolt double in the 100m and the 200m.Can you imagine the worlds fastest man not running in the 100m.Indeed, this would/could be classified as some form of athletic abdication.With Mr.Bolt in the race this will be the clash of clashes.Thank God one is not a gambling man.Most definitely, I will be waving the black,green and gold.And if I may add,quite proudly.Go Asafa! Go Bolt! Bring this one home for your individual selves and of course JAMDOWN. Nuff respect Dutty Bwoy. I know that you are also eagerly anticipating the MOTHER OF ALL CLASHES with respect to the one hundred meters.

  2. ESTEBAN- I will admit that I was a little not in agreement that he ran in the 100 metres. I realize that was a little silly. I want both Bolt and Powell to take home gold and my guess is that Bolt will win the 100m but who knowns anything can happen.As you said its almost unimaginable for the world’s fastest man not running in the 100m. Yes I will be waiting for the mother of all clashes indeed.

  3. I believe that was the plan all along but they were just playing around with the media.

  4. they fooled me.

  5. yes he got the double and thrashed both records, hahaha, we all r fans

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