Usain Bolt lights up Beijing in world record 9.69 seconds–Powell finish 5th

Usain Bolt stuns the world with record 9.69!!-Big up Jamaica

Photo: New York Times

The national stadium nickname (The Bird Nest) in Beijing, China was struck with lightening this morning (Jamaican time) as Jamaican sprint world record holder Usain Bolt set a new world record taking the gold in the men’s 100m in a stunning 9.69 seconds (with no wind).

A confident powerful Bolt looked relaxed and even a little animated before the race. Confident of his victory the 21 year old more or less show boated the last 20 metres striding and extending his arms while blistering the world record. He probably could have finished 9.60 flat had he not slowed down and extended his arms

I will admit that tears filled this tough guy eyes when I saw a Jamaican doing the “no linga” in front of a stadium of 91,000 spectators on the international stage with the black green and gold draped over his shoulders celebrating the historic occasion. Then they went and played a Bob Marley in the stadium.

.. pass mi di tissue mek mi bawl.

I was watching the commentary on television jamaica (TVJ) and within moments they had Usain Bolt parents on the phone line. Bolt’s father who was in Jamaica was asked what he would say to his son right now, he said:

“Son yu done well I will see you when you get home.”

His father went on to predict a win in the 200 metres later this week.

Bolt’s mother who was in Beijing also express pride and happiness about the result. Although the connection was not so good from Beijing she jokingly remarked that she could not reach her son.

Asafa Powell finished a disappointing fifth place. Personally I don’t know what to say. One thing I can say is that I am extremely proud of Asafa Powell. He is a great sprinter who has reached heights in athletics most athletes only dream of.

Maybe there are other issues physically and mentally that can explain Asafa Powell’s result. There are issues with his coach and protests in the camp, the sort of politics in sports especially at a time like this which is not necessary. When they interviewed Powell’s parents moments after the race his mother faults injury and maybe even mental pressure.

“Asafa is not 100% fit” I just give god thanks. If Bolt was not there then we might not have won gold today, so I thank god. I am feeling proud. I am going to kiss them both.”

I couldn’t agree more with the part of her comment of Bolt being there in the 100m. I will admit my own personal wish was for gold medal for Powell in the 100m and a gold for Bolt in the 200m. But as Asafa father said.

“A so it go”

Powell’s father went on to congratulate Bolt and said he was disappointed with Asafa Powell result.

Three Jamaicans qualified for this final 100m and although Michael Frater is not given as much attention as Bolt and Powell. Big up Michael Frater, He qualified even as American sprinter and world defending champion Tyson Gay was disappointed finishing 4th in the heats. Someone joked (predicted) before the heats that Tyson Gay would be running from lane 10. Get it?

There is no lane 10. Just a Joke though Tyson Gay a cool youth.

Most people were expecting a 3 way race between Bolt, Powell and Gay. I could see how hard he tried to qualify and honestly wanted him to qualify.

In a perfect world I would want jamaica to medal atleast gold, silver and bronze, gold, bronze or even gold, silver in the men’s 100m. I am grateful however and proud.

Trinidad claimed the silver and America took the bronze. Now lets wait for the women who are doing great in the heats so far. Also the 200m Bolt has coming up.

In case it went by too fast for you, here it is again. Sorry the video quality is not so great but NBC and the Olympic folks have a strangle hold on copyright so the official video is not on youtube.(yet). Nevertheless enjoy.


~ by RB on August 16, 2008.

13 Responses to “Usain Bolt lights up Beijing in world record 9.69 seconds–Powell finish 5th”

  1. Congrats to the fastest man on earth! Go Usain!

  2. Kudos to Mr. Usain Bolt! An awesome and totally remarkable, performance from Mr. Bolt.Star,mi happy, mi jus have dis big smile pan mi face all day.Mi sorry fi Asafa, but hopefully him will be able to recover aand become more mentally though.Excellent post star.

  3. yup, I am feeling elated too. I wish Asafa had don better too.Congrats indeed.

  4. What a brilliant race by Mr. Usain Bolt! He did himself and Jamaica proud. He was flawless (him shuddah guh fi di 9.59 though).

    All his ‘showboating’ wasn’t about boastfulness – I think he was FULL of and bursting with pride and joy and he had to express himself.

    What a confident man. I can’t wait for the 200m.

    Asafa has done well over the years – we are VERY proud of him. He deserves an Olympic medal, I wish he had that inner confidence but is all right still.

    Michael Frater also ran a good race. The Caribbean men did well. I’m proud, proud, proud!

    BIG up to Lightening, Congrats to ALL!!!

    P.S. Dutty – I thought you were in Beijing. 🙂

  5. Paulette, everyone here is beaming with pride. For at least 10 seconds everyone paused to watch this race. I just watched the award ceremony on TV.

    Some folks I hear criticizing the showboating he did but I don’t care, he won and he expressed himself. I think we all like to see enthusiasm and a little emotion. We have not seen a lot of it during this Olympic. I was really sad about Asafa. I hope he is ok. Time will tell what will happed with him, I agree that yes he deserve a medal.

    I WISH I was in Beijing 🙂

  6. Jamaican women sweep 100m final.Shelley Ann Fraser winner in 10.78.Dead heat for second between Sherrone Simpson and Kerron Stewart.

  7. ESTEBAN, I did a post about this historic achievement. You know this can not miss me


  8. i lov usine i new him since he was growin up we lik home skilly bisket power ow bus the fire LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. shot out to dwyan druunt i love u babe your the best thank for every thing bye love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Usain Bolt says that he is not in the best physical condition, despite his seemingly effortless win in the 100m at the Paris Diamond League.

  11. Real track supremacy,I guess that men we can expect even better performance when he is 100%

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