Shelly-Ann Fraser,Kerron Stewart & Sheron Simpson-sweep women’s 100m final

Shelly-Ann Frazer

Punch di air Shelly-Ann Fraser yu a lead!!!!

Somebody pitch me because I must be dreaming. I am lost for words. I don’t know what words to use as I type this post.

On August 5th 2008 the Jamaica Gleaner printed an article “Who is Shelly Ann Fraser”. Well that question was answered today with total sprint surpremecy at the Birds Nest in Beijing-She is 21 year old from Waterhouse and attended Wolmers, 2008 Olympic gold medalist . Jamaica won Gold, Silver and Bronze. From what I am hearing because we took all three top spots we get one gold and 2 silvers. Who needs bronze anyway. So there is a new way to count 1,2,2 instead of 1,2,3.

I will be honest and say that I am surprised. I think there is a lesson here. The narrative about the men’s 100m would have lead me to think we would have atleast net gold and silver or bronze, at least 2 of the three medals. However in women’s 100m race where Americans Lauryn Williams and Muna Lee both showed dominance leading up to the games. They finished 4th and 5th respectively and three lesser known Jamaicans reign on the American’s parade in shear humiliation and shock. I really never expected an outcome like this.

Play my national anthem Mr Wong, it’s music to my ears. I feel like calling everybody I know and tell them AGAIN.

Shelly-Ann Fraser gold 10.78 seconds followed by second place Kerron Stewart and third place Sheron Simpson, yes indeed a clean sweep. The first time in my life time I have seen anything like this, we won all 3 titles in the women’s 100 metres. The relays are coming up that will truly be interesting,4 by 1 men and women.

Shelly Ann mother joked in an interview that when she use to sell in Half-Way-Tree and the police come to take them off the street she use to RUN and they couldn’t catch her. So we know where Shelly Ann gets her genes from.

Expect more jealousy Jamaica, expect more scrutiny, expect more testing. Banana, dasheen, yellow yam and dumpling is what they will find. NBC refused to show this meet again live, thank goodness for TVJ. I heard word that the Americans are protesting, false start and wanting a medal even though they lose. They are such bad losers, the athletes not the whole country.


~ by RB on August 17, 2008.

18 Responses to “Shelly-Ann Fraser,Kerron Stewart & Sheron Simpson-sweep women’s 100m final”

  1. Its really sad that they are such bad losers. Their athletes did not make the grade on that day in that race and that is it.
    The world celebrates a Phelps and all the other many Americans great and over the years without knowing those who cheated, but real sportsmanship is being able to loose and admit your loss gracefully!

  2. Lol. I so agree with you there, all dem goin find is CASSAVA, and yam and banana an sum flour dumplin………….but u forgot the most important contraband, good ol CORNMEAL PORRIGE, lol

    I’m happy for all Jamaicans participating in the Olympics. Trus me, mi proud a mi country. Usain, Michael, Asafa, Kerron, Sherone, Veronica………..ooonu SELL OFF!! Special big ups to mi fellow Wolmerian Shelly-Ann Fraser, always knew she had a champion in her.

  3. I am a very proud Jamaican this weekend. BIG up to all Jamaican athletes!! Don’t worry about the Americans- they simply can’t admit when they’ve been outclassed. Too bad their “non false start” protest was-REJECTED!!

  4. I must join all my fellow Jamaicans, in celebration this momentous occasion. I can only imaging the atmosphere in Jamaica. As usual I can’t see any thing on NBC except re-runs and nothing live; however, I choose not to be bitter, because today is a good day. It is not only wonderful, it is historic. As for our haters, keep hating. A new day has come and there is a change of the guard.

  5. hahaha…they’re gonna find Bruce Goldin’s cassava in our Athlete’s blood. I am so elated right now especially for Shelly-Ann Fraser who not many people knew about until today.

  6. This is about our Jamaican athletes – ignore the haters!

    This is historic in an ‘in your face’ way. Just pure brilliance! I am happy and proud.

    The women, I believe, were motivated by Bolt AND Powell. Bolt for his brilliance and Powell because no one wanted to choke.

    Brilliance – I hope they all receive FABULOUS endorsements!!!

    Congratulations to all athletes and coaches and to the nation of Jamaica!!!

    P.S. Dutty – consider yourself pinched!

  7. @ CAID—-The world celebrates with Phelps and we are watch and cheer for him. I was just watching an interview on NBC where he was interviews along with him mom by Costa.Why can’t they do the same for other countries. But hey, its America Olympic team, when something goes wrong blame someone else or just complain and its not just in track and field.

    @ mz.goodi2shoez and Shenice, I am sorry I left off the good, good cornmeal porridge and cassava, nothing grown in a lab 100% homegrown natural.

    @ Joca and servicew , I am glad the protest was swiftly rejected before it lingered and festered in the press. It would cast a big question mark over out monumental achievement. I will admit a little worried at first, there is nothing worst than a sore loser. Servicew you are right. This occasion is too sweet to make them spoil it with grudgeflness.

    Paulette- thank you so much for that pinch, the reality is so much better than the dream. 🙂
    I know they will get the support they deserve plus the money in tracks these days in appearance fees, they will do ok. Someone said on another forum that if Bolt could catch a ball ( playing football) he would be very rich. Hard to ignore the haters Paulette but we will use what Phelps does to beat his opponents by taking everything they do negatively as motivation and decimate them.

    God bless and one love

  8. love it bad show the world what Jamaica can do we not only bad we are the best when it come to the test i celebrate with our athletes 1000 percent thank God for banana ,breadfruit dumpling dasheen coco and chicken foot beef and manishwater SOUPS .

  9. Fantastic performance our women put on in that 100m!

  10. What fantastic girls! what great women! Shelly Ann. Kerron. Sharon- I love you, and I’m so proud of what you did! Shelly-Ann, you are the face of happiness! A great day for Jamaica, and for track , and sport- hope i’ll be seeing lots of you again…

  11. Big Shelly Ann Fraser,Sherone Simpson and Kerrron Stewart u girls done a great job.

  12. Usain Bolt and the rest do well great job.

  13. I am so proud of the jamaicans for shining so bright’ly on the biggest stage of olimpics i am still on cloud nine i hope they all will keep their heads up pray for good health and get ready for the world meet god bless you all winners or not your time will come continue to work hard you all will pull through

  14. great job shelly -ann!keep going


  16. […] Shelly-Ann Fraser,Kerron Stewart & Sheron Simpson-sweep women’s 100m final […]

  17. Such a great, powerful finish was so admirable.

  18. Congrats to such a powerful and admirable finish. Looking forward to seeing them im Moscow_Russia.

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