Usain Bolt wins 200m in world record 19.30 seconds

Seet da him dweet again

Seet deh him dweet again


On August 20, 2008 at 9:20am Jamaica stood still in great anticipation, some too nervous to watch, some too excited to wait- for the Bolt to strike- again, twice in the bird nest and he never disappointed. If you had one of those little eye candy boxes that shows pictures then you were sure to draw a crowd of friends and foe.

Yes siree, it was a full house and space was limited. Whether big screen in Half-way-tree, a man pon di corna wid a TV, portable one or even in the fridge air condition, artificial lighting of corporate Jamaica.

Every eye ball focus, waiting for Mr. Wong to sound the alarm and like lego beast we cheered for the black, green and gold that one Mr. Usain Bolt represented.

And for less than 20 seconds-19.30 seconds there about it was over like lightening in record time, or was it over?.


The 91,000 spectators at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing have nothing on these people because even though they were not there in person, they sure were there in heart and in spirit.

He knew they were watching so he bust a few moves. The “gully creep” , then raised the flag in Olympic history. It was not over yet just ten minutes later Melaine Walker continued the dominance winning in the women’s 400 metres hurdles.

The foreign press is here asking, What is your secret?. I ask where did so many flags come from. The guy on the corner sells them for $100 a pop, taxi drivers fly them from their cars. The national papers wrapped in colorful Olympic pictures, the evening news leads the story with anchor man and women literally showing their colors in style and fashion.

Yes on this blog I criticized the media in their bias against Bolt after his record 100m run. I think its equally fair to highlight those who have helped us cheer, if not only to recognize the historic occasion.

What the world is saying about Usain Bolt:

Jamaica celebrates Bolt’s double—The BBC

Usain Bolt: nightclub king turned sprint king—ABC news

Lightning strikes twice – Bolt leaves fellow runners standing— Guardian UK

With ease, Bolt becomes world’s fastest man— International Herald Tribune

Bolt hits Beijing again in historic run– China Daily

New athletics world order? The Nation Newspaper

Bolt: ‘Everything came together tonight. I blew the world’s mind!‘ Independent

Melaine Walker run left dem ina de in Olympic record 52.64 seconds

Gold medalist Melaine Walker run left dem ina de women's 400 hurdles


With all the attention on Bolt lets not for get the outstanding run by Melaine Walker in the women’s 400 hurdles today OR 52.64. Thank you Ms Walker, Jamaica as of today is ranked 13th in medal count.

The Canada vs Jamaica football match in Toranto ended 1-1, Reggae Boyz hold dem off. It was a hard fight but dem draw and dat good.


~ by RB on August 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Usain Bolt wins 200m in world record 19.30 seconds”

  1. Wicked!!!

    All Jamaicans can walk a little taller tomorrow!

    Congrats to Usain and Malanie!!!

  2. Yes Paulette,Jamaica is indeed the nation of champions!!

  3. LOL, Paulette Jamaicans getting a head of them selves now. They talking about re naming stadiums and streets now.

    Well we will see

  4. Bolt to teh weeerl.. all haters and naysayers be silenced!!

  5. […] Usain Bolt wins 200m in world record 19.30 seconds […]

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