Carter, Frater, Bolt & Powell wins the men’s 4 by 1 relay in world record 37.10

It was another one of those days in JA where everything stopped to watch the race. In some parts you would look alien if you were not sporting the black, green and gold.

Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Usain Bolt & Asafa Powell were the so call favorites going into the men’s 400 by 100 metres relay. They didn’t just win; they shattered the 16 year old record and cemented a new world record of 37.10 straight into the history books. Trinidad took silver and the bronze went to Japan.

Jamaica relays

Jamaica men's relay team-breaking records, making history

The women’s 400 by 100 metres did not go down too well for Jamaica because there was some “foul up” in the bird’s nest between Kerron Stewart and Sheron Simpson in passing the baton. I heard some people commented that Simpson ran into Stewart then there was a a fumble.

Di baton change neva work out at all- crosses- a so eh go

Jamaica is not the only team making a mess of the bird’s nest. There was a lot of “droppings” in the 400 by 100 metres men and women team from the USA which eliminated them from the finals.

Bwoy dem salt

After the race Lauryn Williams was asked by the NBC reporter how could both the men and women relay teams make such a mistake. She said: Paraphrase.

“I don’t know, maybe someone is working some voodoo doll on the US team or something”

In Jamaica that amounts to Obeah.

Dat explain de oman mi see a sprinkle oil all over di place before di race dem staat .

Uno top wok obeah pon di people dem man.

I can understand the frustration. I like the fact that the US women’s relay team, particularly Lauryn Williams turned around and picked up the baton and finished the race. The US men team gave up and the Jamaican women team gave up too. The Jamaican team baton never even touched the ground.

Anyway our win today was a phenomenal end to an Olympic that was exciting, historic not just for Jamaica but for the many world records set, a little personality that has made track and field more interesting and some hullabaloo about false starts, protests, disqualifications, voodoo dolls and smiling too wide when you win. Even after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques “killjoy” Rogge comments in reffrence to Bolt’s celebration after the races.

“That’s not the way we perceive being a champion”

Bolts response?, In action another gold medal in world record time in the 4 by 100m.

In words?

“I will not change. I will always be myself. That is my personality. It is just me having fun…..”

As the PM said on TV tonight about the detractors.

“They are red eye and grudgful, dem fi just tek way demself”

to di werrl-to di flippin werrrl!!

to di werrl-to di flippin werrrl!!


~ by RB on August 23, 2008.

16 Responses to “Carter, Frater, Bolt & Powell wins the men’s 4 by 1 relay in world record 37.10”

  1. Dutty – Ah suh it guh fi true! I am proud of the Jamaican women’s team. I can imagine how Sherone and Kerron must be beating up themselves. For all the people who were saying that Jamaica sent a team of machines, not humanS, that shows them – we ARE humans! 🙂

    Mi proud ah di woman dem. They carried themselves with grace and dignity!!!

    As for the men – to borrow your phase – what a bam, bam! As silly as this may sound, ‘their race was pretty.” Yes, pretty. They made the relay look beautiful!!!

    Right now me ah buss wid pride. I even did a dance or two. Jamaica won 5 out of 6 sprint medals – PHENOMENAL!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to our brilliant athletes, their coaches, their families and loved ones and to ALL Jamaicans.

    I am going to pop my champagne RIGHT NOW!

    One love!

  2. Paulette mi proud of our women team also, they did win more medals. You know after the baton pass failed there was a shot showing the men’s team watching and I could see the disappointment. I said to myself that this will actually motivate them to win for themselves and the women team, they broke the record.

    Paulette mi celebrate today and barely have voice.

  3. Dutty – I loved when Bolt handed the baton to Powell and did his man ‘shout’. It seemed that shout of encouragement made Powell run like seh a duppy or guman was behind him. Asafa ran a beautiful anchor leg. Beautiful — no one was EVER close to him. BIG up Asafa!!!

    Bolt was so pumped up that he kept jogging in his lane all the way to the finish.

    Carter, Frater, Bolt and Powell were brilliant!!!

    When is the 3-day celebration scheduled for?

  4. P.S. Did you hear that they tested Bolt 32 times (and I’m hoping all other athletes as well) for steriods, drugs, enhancements, stimulants, etc.?

    32 times – how do they expect these athletes to have energy to run after taking that much blood from them?

  5. Paulette–According to the PM it is to be announced. They said they want to have it at a time when all the athletes are back here in Jamaica and as you know some will be going off to other meets after Beijing.

    I am concern that they might delay it too much and the euphoria might die down by that time. We will see though and I will keep you updated.

  6. The 4×100 mens relay team were absolutely brilliant. Nesta passing to Michael was so smooth, then Michael’s passing to Usain was controlled and thought through. Watching the clip slowly you can lip read Michael telling bolt to wait. Then the bullet runs and passes the baton to Asafa. Watching the race slowly again Bolt told Asafa to wait and then Bolt shouts “RUN ASAFA.” Asafa certainly did (speedo)…I have never seen anything like this in my life.. I wanted to burst.. 37.10 wr 30sec off the previous WR. Do you think we will ever see this again? Only time will tell.

    As for Asafa; it is all in the mind he is a fantastic and brilliant runner… He just needs to get passed that mental block. We have four years to improve on our success as the Americans are comming back with an vengence and we have to be ready like freddie… My hopes are a 1-2-3 100m men final for Jamaica. I don’t care which order. Well done boys!

  7. Marcel — thanks for the slo-mo lip read interpretations! I wondered what they were saying.

    It was a wicked race! Asafa had NO competition during his leg. I loved the team spirit of all 4 men. 🙂

  8. 2 di weeerrrrllll!

  9. Run Asafa run!!! –thats what Bolt said she was shouting to Asafa Powell after he pass the baton.

    Paulette didn’t you write some where on your blog or here the communication about the exchange. I believe Frater told Bolt to “wait”.
    I guess good communication is important in getting that baton change smoothly.

    Marcel- Th exchange was brilliant indeed. Communication goes hand in hand with team work.

  10. Hey Dutty Bwoy, Clovis’ cartoon in today’s Jamaica Observer, with Marion Jones in her prison cell watching the Olympics, wicked star.Super wicked!! Check it out when you get the chance.I man love it star!!

  11. Great performance!

  12. thank you —ESTEBAN —– I will be using it in my next post


  13. Jamaica’s athletes have done themselves and their country proud.

    Bolt is, what we English would call, a character and the world needs more fun-loving characters like him.

  14. […] I was not very motivated to post a this evening , then I read the comments for a previous post “Carter, Frater, Bolt & Powell wins the men’s 4 by 1 relay in world record 37.10” where ESTEBAN pointed out this illustration in the Jamaica Observer today by Clovis, wickedly […]


    Just a short snippet on bolt..

  16. […] Carter, Frater, Bolt & Powell wins the men’s 4 by 1 relay in world record 37.10 […]

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